Throwing it out there

Why I haven’t done this before is beyond me. I love to write. But perhaps I am too late to this game of blogging. Isn’t it a bit overdone at this point? Will anyone stumble upon this and care to read? Respond? Does it matter if they do? Maybe. Maybe not. Perhaps this shall be just for me – to see what I can create. To get my thoughts out of my head and down in text. To create a register of sorts to record my experiences as both a mother and a woman. Funny; I turn 30 next year and still have a hard time reconciling the word “woman” with myself. It sounds too stuffy or perhaps just too adult for how I view myself and my life, even though I am one of the most responsible people you’ll ever meet. As it stands, I am just two months or so from adding to that responsibility level by having my second baby. I guess what I really want to do here is write about who I am because of my kids, but also to stay in conversation with who I am because of me. & maybe somewhere along the way, I’ll find a way to live up to the maiasaura’s example while being both Mama and Me.


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