Baby Legs (or maybe elbows)

Baby Welsch No. 2, as we’ve so affectionately been referring to my growing belly, is moving a LOT. For comparison’s sake, I remember Harrison being an active baby. In fact, I remember that near the end of that pregnancy, when he was in his head down position with bum and legs up by my ribs, he would push so hard with his feet that I literally would push back with my own hand just to relieve the pressure! So far BWNo.2 isn’t that stuck or that stubborn. I have a feeling, however, that we may be headed down that same path because this is once again a very active baby. Did I mention I gave up caffeine when I got pregnant? Well, mostly. But I gave it up entirely a least a couple of months ago, but you wouldn’t know it by the way my belly wiggles and jiggles all day and all night.

In no way am I complaining about feeling the baby move. I know it is a good thing – a great thing – and it is actually one of my favorite things about pregnancy. The bond between mama and baby starts with those kicks, I think. Mom is the only one who knows Babe is moving unless she decides to share the experience by grabbing someone else’s hand and putting it on the stomach to feel the next blow; but even then, I just don’t think it is the same thing as feeling that movement inside your own body. There is something about that connection that is just magical. Like a preview to a film that you know you are going to adore, these kicks are the first sign (after the growing belly, of course) that you really are creating something – someone – here that is going to steal your heart forever.

While I was trying to fall asleep last night, BWNo2. was really on a roll. I mean, really! S/he was rolling around, tap dancing on my bladder and belly, moving more than I think I’ve felt to date. I almost had to laugh because somehow I missed the memo that my uterus had been transformed into a nightclub. But so as to not disturb my sleeping husband (who has been driven out of our bedroom twice already this week by my coughing), I kept my laughter in and put my hand on my tummy instead – all the better to feel the dance party (and the love) from the inside out.


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