Diaper Disputes

Harrison hates diaper changes. This has not always been the case, but for the last week or two, they have become his Public Enemy No. 1 (& 2). He would rather walk around in a soggy or dirty diaper for half an hour or more than risk the torture of the changing table; at least, it appears to be torture based on his reaction every time I go to change him. There is always wiggling and whining and sometimes even kicking and crying involved. Just this morning, when he’d had his diaper on for over twelve hours and even my snuffy nose could clearly sense that he needed to be changed, he fought me on it, telling me, “I don’t want! I don’t want!” Why?

What is it that makes a two-year-old not want his diaper changed? Is this is a sign of wanting to potty train? Seems like an odd one to me. I would be happy to move him from diapers to the potty but haven’t even bothered with it because of BWNo2’s quickly approaching arrival. Anticipating a backslide and taking into consideration HD’s age, I figured we just weren’t ready. But why the diaper battles? It’s not even that he just doesn’t want to wear one – it’s that he doesn’t even want the soiled one taken off!

For my pregnant back, diaper changes have become the least favorite part of the day. I have enough challenges maneuvering my belly around without having to wrestle Harrison out of and into diapers all day long. The stress, not to mention the physical strain of it all, is, well – a big, fat stinker.


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