How Does He Know?

Today I have to take HD w/ me to an appointment in Grand Island. Silly mommy-brain…I didn’t leave enough time for Ben to make it home so I could make the trek alone like I normally do. This is OK; he’s gone with me to this same place before and handled it just fine. What I thought we would do though, for kicks, was hit up Khol’s for a little shopping prior to my appointment. Remember my restlessness and desire to shop? Yeah, still dealing with that. But all I’m looking to buy is a cardigan – something that will work post-baby-body as well as in the present time, promise.

So. Here I sit, waiting almost, for Harrison to wake up from his nap. How does he do this? When I want to take advantage of nap time by also sleeping (which has been happening a lot since I entered my third trimester of pregnancy), he barely sleeps an hour and fifteen minutes. Today, when I would like to hit the road sooner than later, he snoozes and snoozes and snoozes. I would like to think that if I just pretended each day that I had some really important (OK, Khol’s is not that important, but still), maybe I could lure him into napping for these long, glorious chunks of time. Chunks of time that would allow me to decompress, too.

But I know my son and he is so much smarter than that (and me). He would know, without fail, that I was trying to trick him. And he would, no doubt, be awake in no time.

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