Hair Crumbs

In the last year or so, Harrison has had a handful of haircuts. There have never been major tears or tantrums, but some appointments have gone better than others. Yesterday’s appointment was a dream!

First of all, HD sat beautifully in his daddy’s lap the whole time and entertained himself by making faces in the mirror and at Mama. He followed directions by looking down at his shoes when asked and even said, “Again?” for the spray bottle of water to be spritzed on his head. But the best part? The hair crumbs.

As the hair dresser (a temporary new one for our family, as ours is out for her own maternity leave) trimmed away the little blond curls and wisps, lots of hair fell down, naturally, on Harrison’s lap and smock. He loves the smock, by the way, because it is covered in colorful “fishies.” Apparently, though, he does not like the fishies to be covered by his hair because he kept trying to shake, blow, and wipe away the strays. And then, all of the sudden, he surprised all three of us by proclaiming that he was getting rid of the “hair crumbs” – a true example of the power of words when applied to a toddler’s train of thought. The hair dresser said she’d never heard that one before, and we all laughed as he continued to point them out to us throughout the rest of the cut.

I love HD’s hair after a trim, just as I love it when it is longer and curly. He looks more like a little man with it short, but clearly that fits because that’s exactly what he is, what with his knowledge of hair crumbs and all.

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