35 1/2 Weeks Pregnant. Or, How I Became an Insomniac.

Seriously. I am tired. I really, really am. But for the second night in a row, I find myself wide eyed in the middle of the night, totally unable to shut off my mind. Monday into Tuesday, I woke up at 4:00 and didn’t get back to “sleep” until after 6:00; even then, all I did was have crazy dreams about changing diapers – how fun. & this was all after it took until almost midnight to fall asleep! Last night into this morning, it was 3:00. & what am I thinking about? Grocery shopping, mostly. Really? What is wrong with my head?

Both mid-night wakings were, of course, initiated by an it’s-almost-the-ninth-month-pregnant-bladder, but why I can’t then just go back to bed is beyond me. I know when I will be tired…in approx. 6 hours when Harrison is running around with his mid-morning spurt of energy. That is when I will want to be curled up on the couch, or better yet, in my bed. But since it’s the All Mama, All the Time show during the day, and no caffeine in sight until after this baby comes, we shall hope and pray that I at least make it through until he goes down for his nap and then I too can, mercifully, crash into a heap.


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