First Oreo?

Grandma Joyce came to visit for the weekend and to keep us company while Ben was gone today to his grad seminar. While grocery shopping this morning (yes, more meals cooking right now that will go in the freezer!), she had the brilliant idea of going for a picnic lunch.

It is a gorgeous day. Lots of sun, temps in the mid-70’s, and a nice little breeze moving the air and leaves. We picked the playground by Lake Hastings that was built last year and is perfect for kids of many ages, including toddlers. Harrison is quite fond of the place and today he had a great time climbing ladders (for the first time, ever; heaven help me!), playing in the wood chips, and making numerous trips down the slide. After half an hour or so of playing, he came over to where I was resting on a bench (thanks, Grandma!) and told me he was ready for his picnic. His version of “picnic” doesn’t quite roll of the tongue properly, but is therefore all the better because it has that lovely toddler-take on the English language that can be so endearing (and confusing). I think the closest word it resembles is piggies.

Harrison was a perfect little picnic-goer, eating his Lunchable (we all had them, in honor of the picnic idea) and drinking his juice box with gusto. Included in HD’s extra special Lunchable, however, were two Double Stuf (and yes, I happen to know that is the correct spelling of said cookie because I am a fan of such, pregnant or not) Oreos. To my knowledge, he has never before been given an Oreo. Now, if you are reading this and you have given my child an Oreo, please tell me because otherwise I am flabbergasted at what happened when I handed over the first one. He took it from me, twisted one side off, licked it, and then proceeded to devour the whole darn thing. Seriously! Are kids today born knowing how to eat Oreos?! It was like he was an old pro – if only he’d had a cup of milk for dunking! I promise, if you were the one who taught him how to do this, I won’t be mad. I just want to know if Oreo eating is an innate skill or something he learned while Mama wasn’t watching. 


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