Following Through

I may have made an error. A large one. I just messed with Harrison’s pre-nap routine – something I never, never do because sleep is such a precious commodity in this household. But here’s the deal…I warned him that if he didn’t listen, if he didn’t let me change his diaper, then there would be no books before bed. And by golly (sorry, when did I turn 85?), he didn’t listen. So I had to do it. I had to stand firm on my threat of a consequence. Didn’t I? Ah, the joys of forever questioning each new parenting decision….

Normally, pre-sleep, we change his diaper, climb into the rocker to read 3-5 books, and then we switch off the light so we can sing the “Goodnight” song where we insert the names of various people/items with each new verse. Much of the time we include family members, but there have been days when animals and even table condiments (yes, ketchup and mustard) have been included. While we did still sing a couple verses today, HD was clearly upset because we skipped a vital step – the reading. He started crying, calling out for, “My books! My books!” which nearly broke my heart as both his mama and an English teacher, but I am learning with him that boundaries and limits are everything and he is constantly pushing to see how far he can bend us.

Apparently, today, my patience broke. I didn’t snap and I didn’t get mad. I just decided to follow through even though I knew it might cost me. I don’t mess with the pre-nap routine because I don’t want to risk messing with nap. Ever. And while it was no fun to leave him crying in the dark room and then hear him still calling for his books as I came in here to type, I must say, I think this might have worked. He’s been quiet for a few minutes now, so really, with only five minutes of fussing, we are hopefully right back on track for our afternoon downtime. Because let’s face it; it’s not just his rest time that concerns me here. Clearly this time is vital for me as well.

As for what happens after nap today? I think we’ll take some time to read as many books as Harrison wants.


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