Guess Again

Months ago I predicted that today would be the day. I was basing my choice – October 16 – off the fact that Harrison was born at 38 1/2 weeks and that this baby would surely come even earlier than he did. Seeing as it is almost 7 p.m. and I’m not having regular contractions – or any contractions, for that matter – I guess I was wrong.

I almost thought yesterday was going to be the day. My in-laws were visiting and as we sat chatting in the living room while HD napped, I started having my most real pain and discomfort to date. Turned out, though, that when I got up and moved around the house, they stopped. Classic Braxton Hicks, I guess, even though it got all of us wondering. I know Ben was hoping that the baby would come over the weekend just for the sake of not having to have the big event happen on a school day or in the middle of the night before a school day. He said he’s pretty sure I’m not going to let him leave the hospital while I’m in labor to go do sub plans; I said that maybe he should come up with a “Jenni’s having a baby/Activity for any day/Sub plan” that he can just leave on his desk.

A friend told me today to try eating fresh pineapple and going for a long walk. I had never heard of the connection between that fruit and going into labor before, but a little Google magic and viola – I see now that it’s a theory! So I did both as she recommended. The pineapple was tasty (although I ate so much it made my mouth sore) and the walk was lovely (except for Harrison getting too far ahead on the bike path – a story for another post, perhaps), but still no sign of Baby coming tonight. Ah, well. I guess there are worse things I could do for myself right now than eat fresh fruit and exercise!


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