I Wish

You would think by the sudden influx of phone calls, text messages, and facebook wall posts/messages, that something big was about to happen. You know, like a baby or something. But here I sit, at 9:30 on a Friday night, and all I can say is: Nothing. Is. Happening. The baby just rolled a bit in my belly, but that is hardly a good sign that we are on our way to labor and delivery any time soon. Oh, how I wish I could tell each inquirer that I was in labor, but as of right now, that seems very unlikely to happen any time soon.

In a way, it is nice to know I’m not the only one wondering what is taking this kiddo so long to join us. Along with all of the questions as to how I am doing, are a number of theories as to why he/she isn’t here yet. The list includes the idea that the little bambino is declaring a first act of independence/stubbornness/defiance by just staying put. Others claim that this must be a girl because she is A) taking forever to get ready, B) totally different from her brother, C) some combination of the two. Many have said that be it boy or girl, this one is going to be more laid back than Harrison who came crashing into the world 12 days early and has hardly slowed down since. I say, just get here already and end the speculation, would you? Pretty please? For Mama???

Frankly, I am out of preparations to make around the house to entice baby’s arrival AND I’ve tried almost every home remedy (that I feel comfortable trying, that is) to self-induce labor, all to no avail. An hour an a half of contractions last Saturday seemed promising, but then quit cold turkey and have yet to return. Two weeks in a row at the doctor have had me at 3 cm with the head down, but still – nothing! The due date is this Sunday. Sunday! And our last conversation with the doctor centered on just how far beyond Sunday we’ll go (the 7th, in case you’re wondering, is what she’ll let me do). I really hope BWNo.2 comes on his/her own before then. My goal is to have another natural birth and that involves the baby coming on his/her own, natural terms. But wow, kid. Work with me just a little, would ya? I promise – everyone here is very excited about your pending arrival. Very!

And to those of you keeping tabs on me and the belly, thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and good vibes. I promise we’ll keep you posted and will do our best to spread the good news as soon as we can, which will hopefully be sooner than later. Until then, I guess I’ll just keep waking up every morning thinking, “Today? Today could be the day?!” One of these days I have to be right!


2 thoughts on “I Wish

  1. Oh the waiting game!! 🙂 I remember it all too well…I made it to 41 weeks with Makenzie and then the dr induced…I think I spent every day praying that today would be the day then I spent Halloween (4 days overdue) pleading that it wouldn't be the day! Can't wait to hear your big news…praying it's sooner rather than later! 🙂

  2. That's so funny because I've been doing the exact same thing! I would really like to avoid a Halloween birthday, although at this point we're so close, what does it really matter? Ben keeps saying that we know Monday will be the day simply because we don't want it to be! 🙂 At this point, I'll be happy either way. Waiting is hard but I know it will be worth it here soon.

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