Could It Be? Celery?!

Twice this week I had a meal that included a LOT of celery. Normally I am not a fan and so I avoid it, but this meal was prepared by someone else and brought to us and it sure tasted good, so twice this week I had a LOT of celery. The other “twice” we experience this week involved a certain little baby who would not (could not?) sleep at night. She was nursing like crazy but not drifting off like normal and was basically just WIDE EYED for hours on end in the middle of the night (morning?). Twice. The second time was even worse because we could hear Harrison just across the hall also not sleeping, making noise any time someone in our room made a sound. Needless to say, my Thanksgiving included a much needed coffee to recover from the long and exhausting nights that, of course, were followed by much too early mornings.

So what do you think? Could there be a connection? I would much rather like to think that it was just a food aversion and not a sign of things to come. Yesterday was a day without celery and our night was back to “normal” where at least Raegan would go back to sleep, even if she didn’t stay that way for as long as we would like (or as long as she does during the day). This makes me hopeful that the dreaded C-word isn’t the culprit. I am not sure I could survive if I had to handle a high energy toddler (and his baby sister) all day and then go all night too with a colicky baby.  Again – fingers crossed for the celery!

Thank goodness that on such a tiring week Ben only had school two days. And thank goodness that we have wonderful families who agreed to our invitation to come celebrate the holiday with us even if we weren’t going to do a big traditional meal. Yesterday’s soups, breads, and munchies with Ben’s family turned out great. Tomorrow my parents will help us with (OK – they will probably do most of) a turkey meal. And because we didn’t have to do any traveling, we can focus on the two most important things in our lives – Harrison and Raegan – and getting them the rest and attention they both need as we continue to learn what life together is like. Yeppers. There is much to be thankful for, even in the midst of (possibly driven by celery) sleep deprivation.


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