First Outing with Two

I gave it just shy of four weeks, but today I took my first adventure with both kids and no Ben. I mean, we’ve been in the car just the three of us before, but this was a real honest-to-goodness event – a MOPS meeting. And guess what? We all survived! And we even enjoyed ourselves!

Raegan was the easiest. Not only did she sleep through the first half of it, she’s also stinkin’ adorable, so it was no problem finding willing arms to hold her when I needed help. Of course, she did decide to grace me with her worst diaper blowout to date and needed to nurse before we left, but I learned a thing or two from the last time I had a newborn so I had both an extra outfit (or two) in the diaper bag and with my nursing cover.

Harrison handled things really well considering it has been over a month since we’ve been to a meeting. Actually, I think it’s been closer to six weeks, so that he remembered the routine & just went with it today was fantastic. Once upon a meeting we had tears at the goodbye when I would take him to the 2-yr-old room. Today I had to ask him – twice – to give me a smooch before I scooted out the door. The only issue was that I spent a little too much time chatting as the meeting wrapped up and he got freaked out when other moms started coming to get their kids. When I got there – still right at 11:00, which is end time – he was sitting on the lap of one of the childcare providers, sobbing. I hate to see him upset like that but it did melt my heart when he jumped up and ran over to see me saying, “Mama! Mama! Mama!” I gave him lots of hugs and kisses and told him that I missed him too. He seemed happy to know that and was also happy to see his baby sister which is always nice. He even stayed by my side as we walked back out to the van without even hanging on to my hand!

For me it was a challenge to get up and ready and there on time, but I am so glad that I did. It was so nice to see friendly and familiar faces and have some much needed adult time. The other thing I appreciate about MOPS meetings is that I can sound off about what issues we are struggling with and there is always someone there to listen, relate to, and help. Sometimes it really just means the most to know that you are not alone and your child is not the only child to do __________(fill in the blank with your misbehavior of choice). Not only did I get to vent about the struggles, but I also got to bask in the joy of being a “new” mom again and that is a positive boost that I really needed this week.

We continue to have highs and lows each day it seems and unfortunately some days this week have been more down than up. But I’m doing my best to keep my chin up and at least start each day fresh even if the previous one didn’t go or end so well. Perhaps one of these days we’ll just go up from start to finish. And even if we don’t, at least I know I’ve got my family and friends and fellow moms to support me.


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