From Minnesota to Colorado

Call us crazy, but we are going on a grand adventure next month. Never mind that we have a newborn in the house and a toddler who is still adjusting to said newborn and his toddler bed. Don’t worry about the two dogs either, or Ben’s final semester of grad school, my first semester back after having Baby No. 2 OR the upcoming track season. I mean, it’s not like we’re that busy, right? We have time to go from Minnesota to Colorado, don’t you think?

So is this some sort of crazy road trip, you ask? No, my friends, we are moving one block over and half a block up – from Minnesota Avenue to Colorado Avenue in good, old Hastings! When we tried to buy and sell a house last spring we had horrible luck all around and never got one offer on our place even though we had multiple showings. After our supposed-to-be-ours new house went out from under us to another buyer, we decided the timing wasn’t right and spent the next several months doing some rather large projects around the house for “someday”. Well, Wednesday was that day; we signed papers to not only sell our place but also buy a new house. Technically we weren’t even still on the market, but our realtor had an interested party who came to see the house and they liked it. And it just so happens that we managed to find one that we liked, too – just around the corner!

We are thrilled because we will have so much more space (can you say PLAYROOM?!) and we’re still in a neighborhood that we like close to the park. Plus it is an older home that has all the charm, character and quirks that we love (and a much, much better kitchen!). So yes, we are crazy to be planning a move – in January, with a new baby, in Nebraska! – but in the end this is going to be such a good thing for our growing little family. So, if you have some empty boxes to spare or a truck bed to fill, or if you want to entertain a toddler or hold a baby, let us know. It’s going to be a crazy start to 2012 and I’m guessing we’ll need a few extra hands here and there!


One thought on “From Minnesota to Colorado

  1. At first you had me wondering how I'd missed your move to Minn-E-soot-a, and how you would be closer to me. HA! Good one! As for moving… I think it's a fantastic idea! I've moved in the winter months twice. It makes you move those boxes a little faster 😉

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