The Candida Diet (OR "Um, at least I’ll be skinny?")

Thrush update: we are still struggling.

We are on Round Two of the gentian violet as of yesterday and will continue with that through Sunday. I purchased a fresh bottle thinking that might make a difference, and if nothing else, it certainly stains more. Poor Raegan’s whole mouth-face area is purplish, and I keep thinking “Violet, you’re turning violet!” when I look at her. The stuff makes her gag when I first apply it to us, so we’re doing our best to nurse our way through it and not stain every single inch of ourselves or the house in the process.

Thanks to the help and generosity of a good friend, I now have actual live Acidophilus to take as opposed to the capsule form. Hopefully this will help neutralize the yeast/bacteria that seem to have taken up shop in my system. The bottle she brought me is blueberry flavored and actually tastes just fine, but for some reason the way the stuff in the bottle bubbles (and literally looks alive) kind of freaks me out. The same friend also brought me a bottle of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar which I am adding to water and drinking. It is gross and gaggy, but I keep doing it, again, in hopes of ridding my body of any and all things nasty.

My other approach to kicking the thrush is severely reducing my sugar intake. Prior to this week I was trying (sort of) to not eat as many sweets. I’ve come to realize after some research, though, that cutting out my beloved brownies and ice cream habit isn’t enough to do the trick. To really fight yeast, you have to really eliminate sugars and yeast from your diet, which is really not an easy task. As it turns out, yeast/sugar is in just about everything. My dear husband did some research online for me the other night and came up with several sites that detail just how strict the Candida (yeast) Diet is. In short, sugar in almost every form, alcohol (duh), grains, fruits, all pork and lunch meats, all fish except for sockeye salmon, all cheese, milk, coffee and teas, peanuts, beans and soy, condiments, vinegars (save for the apple cider), and a lot of fats/oils (save actual butter) ALL equal big NO-NOs. Doesn’t look so short, now does it? If you want the really long version, click here. Fortunately, Ben also found another web site that tells me what I can eat. Basically a lot of fresh greens and vegetables, chicken and lean beef, almonds, eggs, and some fruits like oranges and peaches. But if you know me, this diet is asking a lot.

For one thing, I have to remember that I’m nursing. Yes, I want to get rid of the thrush so the nursing feels better, but I have to remain mindful of taking in enough to produce enough for both my body and Little Miss Raegan, too. Another important factor here is the fact that we are moving one week from tomorrow. I honestly don’t have time to totally re-haul my entire pantry and diet right now. I also don’t have time to make double meals – one for me and one for the boys. We’re trying to eat a bunch of the freezer meals I made last fall and some of those just do not follow the Candida Diet.

Lastly, if you didn’t know, I am a carb freak. I love bread and pasta and baked goods – they have always been my favorites. So this is a real stretch just for my palate, but I am trying. I’ve gone on a couple shopping trips now to collect some “OK” items to eat, including more fresh veggies and new alternatives to snacks (list-approved nuts, for example). The real bummer in all of this, though, is how much yeast fights to stay in your system. As I’m working to eliminate it, it’s fighting to hang on, literally making me crave sweets and breads more than ever. Nice, huh?

I guess the bright side here, in addition to Goal Number One: Get Rid of Thrush, is that, if I stick to it, I will get real skinny following this diet. I would say “real skinny without even trying” but obviously I am having to try all the time to follow the rules. I know that I won’t be able to follow the lists 100% of the time, but I guess I’m hoping that every little change I make helps us move in the direction of healing. It would (will!) be so nice just to enjoy my nursing/nursing my baby girl.


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