Like Sister, Like Brother; Like Mother, Like Son

So Harrison was at Ben’s parents for the weekend, and once we found out that Raegan had RSV (& I was feeling like poo myself), they decided they could keep him for a few more days until we got everything under control here. That was all well and good until last night when Harrison woke up at 2:30, running a fever and coughing more than ever. So much for thinking he was at the tail end of his cold!

Grandma Deb brought Little Man back home this morning and after a trip to the doctor this afternoon, we found out that he’s got one ear that’s infected, bronchiolitis, and (most likely) RSV. We didn’t do the official test because I didn’t want him screaming after having his nose swabbed, plus, based on Raegan’s diagnosis/ Harrison’s symptoms, the doctor said it seemed pretty obvious HD also has it. So another trip to the pharmacy to get meds for Harrison (and a sucker from the nice pharmacist), and now we’re back home, trying to get everyone hydrated and well.  I’m all for my kids learning to share, but perhaps not when it comes to germs, you know?

Here’s the other kicker that tells me just how much HD is mine…apparently before bed last night (or maybe it was Sunday night), Harrison asked Grandma Deb as she was putting him down for the night, “Can I have my Mama now, please?” That is beyond sweet and melted my heart when I heard it, mainly because it was so out of the blue. Normally he does not make such requests. Seeing as she couldn’t give me to him at that moment, he agreed to hold her hand instead until he fell asleep. Well, when he was up again last night at 2:30, he asked the same question and then followed it up with, “I have a pretty Mama.” Oh, child! Flattery will get you everywhere! Needless to say, again – heart melted.

The irony of it all is in my last blog post from this weekend…apparently I’m not the only one who needs Mama when illness strikes!


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