Boo Boos (When One Outweighs Two)

Normally, two is greater than one. My son, a chip off the math teacher dad block, already understands this concept. So it was no surprise that last night, when he told me that he had two owies and Daddy only had one owie (how do you spell owey? owee? ouwie? Sheesh, I have no idea & is failing me and my made up spellings. Anyone? Any help here?), he was implying that his boo boos “won” out over Ben’s.

Normally, I would agree. Two is greater than one. But then you have exceptions, especially for times when two scrapes on the knee are being compared with one majorly split bottom lip.

Yep – this happened during bedtime last night.

I was in our room with Raegan, just finishing up nursing and thinking about getting her started with her own night time routine while Ben was across the hall, fishing up books and prayers with HD when I heard something. Something bad and something wrong.

I could tell it was Ben making the noise and the first thing I thought was “stomach bug” because it sounded like he was retching (sorry if that is TMI – just trying to be descriptive here). And then I couldn’t tell if he was crying or moaning or what, so I started calling out to him, asking if he was OK. No surprise, but I didn’t get a clear answer. By this point I could also hear Harrison crying, so I jumped up with Baby Girl and went running. While I was glad to see that there was in fact no one getting sick in the room, I was shocked to see Ben with his hands pressed to his mouth, blood on his face, still moaning and groaning like crazy.

While Ben stumbled to the bathroom where he could hang his head over the sink and inspect the damage, I tried to calm down Harrison (who had been thisclose to going to bed but was now quite awake and quite upset), who didn’t appear to be hurt at all. He was just standing there holding his arsenal of four animals, crying. Once I knew he was more scared than hurt, I followed Ben to the bathroom and tried to get out of him what the world had just happened.

Apparently they had just been getting ready to have Harrison climb into his bed after reading and when Little Man went to scoop up his animals, he somehow decided he needed to sit back down, in Daddy’s lap. Well, Daddy wasn’t ready for that or didn’t see it coming or something, because all of the sudden, Little Man’s very hard skull was running into Daddy’s bottom lip at full speed. No wonder for all of the moans and blood and tears!

While Ben worked on getting the bleeding to stop, I tried to get Harrison ready for bed (again). That’s when he told me, quite seriously, that “I have two owies. Daddy has one.” There was a lot of big eyed head nodding involved, as well, to make sure I understood the gravity of their wounds and that he, too deserved some serious love and attention for his. I smiled and said yes, that was true. One versus two. But pretty sure I have to side with my poor hubby on this one – I would have been shrieking and bawling for sure had it been my face to run into the back of Harrison’s head! Once he got the gushing to stop, though, Ben handled everything else like a trooper and was even the one to go back in and get HD to sleep. Kudos on the quick bounce back, Mister!

Just curious – do they make Workman’s Comp for parents???


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