Sleep Shuffle Log

Morning Two: Rough night. RL woke up shortly after 10 and it was shortly after midnight before she calmed down and went back to sleep. Ben sat with the whole time; he said it was brutal. She actually did really well the rest of the night, staying in her crib until a little after 7 this morning, even though her brother threw a raging fit at 3:15 a.m. Ben couldn’t get him to calm down or stay in bed, so I had to go in and lay with him until 4:45 when he finally went back to bed. I heard Raegan twice during that time but both times she went right back to sleep. We went all night without nursing, so again, I have proof that she can do it (but wow, physically difficult for me to wait that long, especially because I didn’t sneak in and do a dream feed at all).

Day Two: More mad going down for morning nap, but also went down faster (and still on her own – woot!). Second nap also a solo success. Whew!

Night Two: 15 minutes, folks. 15 minutes! She wasn’t nearly as mad and she continued to do well even though poor Harrison is now struggling with sleep worse than he has in months. 😦

Morning Three: RL woke only once during the night & it only lasted half an hour. BIG improvement over the last two nights! HD woke at the same time & it only lasted 5 minutes, no meltdowns. Also a BIG improvement from last night! We actually all got to sleep until a little before 6 when HD got up; RL & I stayed upstairs dozing on & off until a little after 7. Loving this success!!!

Day Three: Morning nap was a success; put herself down w/ relatively low levels of angst and slept to just shy of the perfect 1.5 mark. Afternoon nap, not going so well. 1/2 an hour alone & still not asleep. Not (totally) pissed. Just not asleep. Considering going in for a diaper change. Diaper checked. No sabatoge poo, as I had expected/hoped. Changed her anyway and sang another lullabye. Put her back down (not happy with me). Still took another 15-20 minutes for her to calm down and go to sleep. Fell asleep just in time for HD to awake. So it goes.

Night Three: Calm after five minutes (and I almost thought I had her), but still took another 15-20 for her to fall asleep. Lots of rolling around in the crib, picking her head up a few times, and a few whimpers. Tomorrow we move the chair next to the door (& I’m home by myself for nap and bed times. Heaven help me!).

Morning Four: Ugh. So much for our half hour episode the night before. Right after B & I went to bed at 10:30 last night, RL started making noise. At first we thought she had put herself back down, but then the cries became more consistent and definitely more awake. He went in & sat with her (it’s always his turn b/c I’ve been the one to sit with her at the initial bedtime), this time for over an hour. That’s when he decided he wasn’t helping (and was possibly making it worse), and came back to bed. Our room is rightthere. It’s not like we can’t hear her! Honestly, no clue what time she fell asleep. I think I was asleep by 12:30 or 1:00, which means she must have been as well b/c I certainly don’t sleep if she’s not! HD stayed in his room all night, that is, until 5:40 which is when he’s been getting up the last few days. RL slept through that, though, and she and I got up a little after 7:15.

Day Four: Morning nap was a bit short. This afternoon I had to put HD down as well so I had to leave RL downstairs which means I have no idea when she fell asleep. Going to close my eyes now; getting them to close theirs is exhausting.

Night Four: Talk about a curve ball. Ben had open house at school tonight, so I had to go solo on the shuffle plus deal with Harrison’s bedtime routine (dare I say, shenanigans?), too. Plus it was the first night of moving to a new position in RL’s room. Oy! Actually, though, she did great. Again, it was right at the 20 minute mark that I was able to leave. She was more upset for the first 5 minutes or so, but I think that was in part in response to Harrison b/c he kept coming out of his room to see what I was doing with her. I got him to stay put for the next 15 minutes with books in his room and bam! Little Sister out. Unfortunatly, it is just past 10 & she’s already doing her night-waking-freak-out-session that we seem to have to have every night yet. Hopefully it doesn’t last long! & it didn’t! Less than five minutes & she’s totally quiet again, all on her own. Yes!

Morning Five: Raegan did an amazing job. Other than that 10:00 noise, we didn’t hear a peep out of her all night long. Harrison, however, was in our room at 2 or 3 and then again bright and early at 5:40. Ben made him use the bathroom and then go back to his room, but too late – Raegan started making noise a little after 6:00 from all the commotion. She continued to do that on and off until 7 when I did her dramatic wake up to start the day. So she’s a little groggy this morning, but really had a great night.

Day Five: Morning Nap = great success. Put her down and opted not to sit with her at all this time. Initial protest cries lasted a few minutes but then she calmed right down and went to sleep. Will have to wake her soon to preserve Afternoon Nap start time….She put herself down again but I have no idea when because of this whole kids napping on different floors of the house thing. Not so thrilled with the arrangement. I don’t like not being able to hear her while she falls asleep. And the afternoon nap last less than an hour! 😦 Tried a diaper change and nursing session to get her back down, but almost 15 minutes later & still no dice.

Night Five: Poor naps today, so I moved up bedtime and started the routine with her at 6:00 instead of 6:30. Things went pretty well and she was out by 6:20. I have no idea what this will mean for the rest of the night…if the early go to sleep time will impact the wake up time or quality of sleep or anything else. We’ll just have to see. But she was a tired girl (clearly) and needed it.

Morning Six: Wow. High Five! Cartwheels! Fireworks! Raegan slept for 12 straight hours – not a peep. Unbelievable. (now if only the boys hadn’t woken me up at 3:30 and 5, I might actually feel rested!)

Day Six: Morning nap came early because of the 6:30 start time to our day, but she did great, once again. HD & I hang out downstairs or outside for pretty much her whole nap; that seems to help. Pretty mad going down for afternoon nap, but seems to be quiet now (and in less than 15 minutes from when I put her down, so really not so bad). Argh! Another short afternoon nap! But just did some reading on and discovered that the night comes first, then morning nap, and finally, afternoon nap and not waking too early in the morning. Huh! I had no idea. So it seems as though RL is on track; we just need to keep working on it. Not sure at this point if I need to go in and try to get her back down or just let her work it out for another 15 minutes or so. Tricky stuff, this nap training business. Weird day. Ended up giving her a third nap at 4:00 because her second one was just too short & bedtime was still too far off.

Night Six: Last night of the chair being in her room; tomorrow we move out into the hallway. 15 minutes seems to be her wind-down period. Rather vocal and lots of movement/happy noises for about 10 minutes & then by 15 minutes, she was quiet. Made noise when HD got up to potty but put herself right back to sleep.

Morning Seven: Up and crying from 11-12. Made noise again starting at 5 something; from then on she would be mad for 5 minutes or so and then doze for 15 or so. Wake up time is 6:30. Not a great night, but also not the worst. Getting easier for me to go all night without nursing; hoping that isn’t impacting my milk supply.

Day Seven: Wow. I think I just nailed it on a sleep window for morning nap. That was incredible. We did our quick nursing session, read two books, and then it was lights out for rocking/singing a lullabye. When she’s tired, Raegan weighs about 10 extra pounds, and she just nestled all heavy and sweet on my shoulder as I rubbed her back and sang “Twinkle, Twinkle” to her. Then I gave her kisses, put her down & left the room. Haven’t heard a sound out of her. May I continue to improve like this! Afternoon went smooth and easy, too, with her anyway.

Night Seven: Started the process early because she was up from afternoon nap before 2:00. Thought she was maybe asleep after five minutes (without a single whimper, even though I moved my chair to the hallway tonight), but then after ten minutes of quiet, she started bumping around in her crib. Did that for a couple minutes and then settled down again, for good. 15-20 minutes seems to be her magic mark. Just made noise now, about three hours in for her night, but seems calm again already.

Morning Eight: Argh. Another rough night. All was quiet until 3:15, then RL started making noise every 10-15 minutes. Shortly before 4, I got up to check/change her diaper, just in case (it wasn’t poopy as I had hoped). Then we had to sit and shush for an hour and she still wasn’t asleep. Gave up, crawled back into bed and let her work her it out until shortly before 5:30. Ben got up at 6:30 for school, Harrison got up at 6:50 to join Daddy downstairs, and Raegan woke me for good at 7:10. Someday, someday, we’ll get to a full night’s sleep! I guess that should read, “Somenight, somenight.”

Day Eight: Brilliant. Again – did the routine, cuddled and sang, and she was out without a fuss. Love this! Afternoon nap as well. Both were about 1.5 hours. Wish we could get that second one to go past the 2:00 mark, but I’ll take what I can get, and her sleeping this well on her own during the day is MARVELOUS!

Night Eight: Rock star. Again. I didn’t shush once and only sat in the chair for 10, maybe 12 minutes. Small whimper after 9:00, nothing else.

Morning Nine: Amazing! She did it again! Well, not quite 12 hours, but 11.5, so I am celebrating her success. Not a peep until her poopy diaper woke her right around 6. Me? I’m still tired b/c HD was up twice during the night. Stupid potty training; it seems to have set back his sleep quite a bit.

Day Nine: Morning nap started early b/c of early wake up, but as it’s been the last few days – sweet, snuggles, sleep! I haven’t been sitting with her any more at naps, not even for a few minutes and that seems to have helped a lot. Welp, too much bragging about naps, apparently. Put her down over 15 minutes ago and she’s still not asleep. Not super mad, but not asleep. Actually, it might have been like this the last couple days; I wouldn’t know b/c I’ve had to be upstairs (unsuccessfully) trying to put Harrison down for nap. She did do a slightly longer morning nap, but I thought she would be OK w/ that since she got up early this morning. All is not lost yet; just have to give her time to work it out and fall asleep. Poo. Took her 35ish to fall asleep and she only stayed that way for 35ish. Still letting her chill in the Pack’and’Play right now. Not sure what to do? Check her? Change her? Try to put her back down? Bummer.

Night Nine: Well, weird day, semi-weird night. Decided to go out adventuring with the whole fam this afternoon, so that little catnap she got was it for the afternoon. Started bed process shortly after 6 & laid her in bed solo just before 6:30. Still only took about 15 minutes, but she was more upset than she’s been for a few days. Didn’t get as many solids in her today, either, so could be an interesting night.

Morning Ten: Not a peep (from either kid!!!) until Raegan made a little noise shortly before 5. They ping-ponged every 20 minutes or so from there until we got everyone up at 6:15. The dramatic wake up seems to help everybody get going for the day (except for Mama who just really wants to stay in bed until 7:30); Harrison especially gets a kick out of running around telling everyone “Good Morning! Good Morning!” 

Day Ten: Morning nap process started a little before 8:15 since wake up was so early. As soon as I put her down, I crashed in the bedroom across the hall and we both napped until 10:30. Actually, she was still out when I went in to get her, but I figured two hours was probably too long already, so I didn’t want her to do any more than that. Afternoon nap was so-so to get to, but I think she’s asleep now. Love having Ben home on the weekends to help get HD down; here’s hoping I have more success in the coming week when I’m back to being on my own for both during the day! Final note on naps for the day – she still didn’t sleep past 2:00. This time, perhaps, because of a dirty diaper. Not sure how we’re going to stretch her…probably need to make sure the morning nap isn’t so long.

Night Ten: First night in a new spot for the chair. Actually, it is the final spot for the chair. After the next two nights, we’ll just be putting her down and walking totally out of sight (but still within ear range to make sure she’s doing OK in there by herself. No fussing tonight and not too much moving around in the crib, either. Oh, and I keep forgetting to mention that for the last couple days, whenever I put her on my shoulder to sing, she joins in, going, “Dlab dob bob dob” or something along those lines. She just does it at first and then settles in while I finish. Soooo sweet!

Morning Eleven: Great night; bad morning. Raegan slept really well (and very quietly!) until just before 5:00. Then she was MAD, mad, mad. I went to check her diaper because normally she gets quiet again, at least in little chunks, but it was only wet. Insert more MAD, mad, mad after that whole exchange. Harrison started getting up around 5:30, and shortly after 6, Ben took him downstairs. I waited a bit longer for RL, hoping she’d go back to sleep, but no luck; so, dramatic wake up & start the day it was. Going to give her a few more days to see if this is really her wake up pattern or just another night waking that we need to get through. If it is an early bird pattern, then the book has some tips for trying to stretch the kiddo. All I know is, starting the day at 5:00 is not my preferred route. Waaaaaaaaaaay too early for this mama.

Day Eleven: Morning nap went well; I woke her up just after an hour and a half in hopes of preserving afternoon nap. So far, so good on the second nap. Still took her over 15 or 20 minutes to be totally quiet in there, but she wasn’t super cranky. Hasn’t had a dirty diaper yet today, so I’m hoping that doesn’t ruin the afternoon nap like it did yesterday. Can we get her past 2:00??? We’ll see. Maybe if we can start stretching this nap, her mornings will stretch as well. & she did it – napped until 2:30ish, although I don’t think she was down until after 1:00.

Night Eleven: Seemed to be a bit more moving around tonight but in all reality, it was still only about 20 minutes & there were no major protests.

Morning Twelve: Well,  she did make it a wee bit later in the morning…she didn’t wake up mad, mad, mad until just before 5:30. Still ugh, though. Hoping to stretch her later SOON. Funny side note: when we went upstairs to go to bed last night, we found Harrison IN our bed! I noticed our little side French door thingers were open, so I turned on a night light, and sure enough – there was Little Man, sound asleep in our bed. He’s never done that before and he transferred just fine, but the whole thing was pretty funny. I had quite the giggle fit when I saw him curled up on the edge of our bed, no pillow or blankets or anything. Guess he likes us!

Day Twelve: Morning nap was fine; she woke up just about the time I was going to go in and get her. Afternoon nap took a little bit longer to get to, but I could see it coming b/c she didn’t seem quite as drowsy when I put her in the pack’and’play before going upstairs to put HD down for his nap. So I know it was after 1:00 before she fell asleep but then she slept until 3ish, so that’s great.

Night Twelve: This is it. Our last night of being in sight of her as she goes to sleep. Tomorrow I move the chair back downstairs and Ben will have the honor of putting her down and then walking out to monitor her from out of sight because I’ll be teaching my first class at that time. So really the timing should be great b/c he’ll have to walk out & go deal w/ Harrison anyway! Hope she handles it well and treats him kindly. AND hoping she doesn’t have us all up before 6 tomorrow. Poor Harrison; he was yawning at 8:30 this morning!

Morning Thirteen: Oh, wow. Best night yet! Raegan made a tiny noise a little after 10:30, but then she was quiet until 6:20!!!!!! There are not enough !!’s in the world to express how much better this was than the last several days. HD was up at 4:00, so Ben and I slept pretty lightly from 4-6, but still, there was no screaming baby involved, so all was well.

Day Thirteen: Well, poo. Morning nap got pushed back just a wee bit because of wee training for HD and it took over 1/2 an hour for RL to fall asleep. So that meant it was 10:45 b/f I woke her up, and now, at 1:15, she’s still not asleep for her second nap. Not sure if it’s b/c she wasn’t up long enough in between or things are too messed up or I screwed up by leaving the room for a minute between nursing the routine or what. But not good. Baby Girl needs to nap! She needs to be on her best behavior for her daddy tonight while I’m at class! Well, she got there. It wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t fast, but she did it.

Night Thirteen: Ben did it! He got Raegan through her routine (for the first time!) while keeping Harrison at bay long enough, and he got her in the crib just in time to fall asleep super easy and peaceful. Yay, Daddy!

Morning Fourteen: Well, back to the 5:25 business. She did at least doze off and on for half and hour and then she was mad/awake. Got everyone up a little after 6:00. I have to say, early as this morning was, I actually feel better today because last night was the first night I didn’t toss and turn and wake up at 3:00, expecting a child to wake me up. First full night of rest for this mama in ages.

Day Fourteen: 8:30 and she’s already out. She was yawning and rubbing her eyes at 7:30 when I was getting her breakfast started. Got through the oatmeal and Cherrios and now she’s konked out in her pack’and’play. Slept long for first nap and was still totally out when I went in to get her. Second nap went fine, although it took her a little bit to fall asleep (she never sounded super made, though).

Night Fourteen: Got to bed a little late because of Open House for Harrison’s preschool, but she handled it like a trooper. This was my first time to put her down and walk completely out of sight. I did so and didn’t hear a peep out of her. She did just make some noise now, two hours in, but seems to be doing OK again.

Morning Fifteen: Started making noise about 5:45, so not great, not terrible. Got up right about 6:00 (to a dirty diaper, again).

Day Fifteen: Morning nap was 1 1/2 hours, no fuss. Afternoon nap = not happening yet & has been down for 35 minutes or so. Was quiet to start; now she’s crying.

Night Fifteen:

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