Red-Stripy Pajamas, Will You Please Go Now!

I present to you the cutest little pair of pajamas I’ve seen for a baby girl during the holiday season:

They make Little Miss look just like a festive little candy cane and they even have a sweet gingerbread girl on them, too. We debuted them on Christmas Eve, but my plan was to have her wear them all winter long; well, that is, until we witnessed how poorly she slept in them that night.

Christmas Eve was spent with family during our Chicago Trip. HD put out cookies for Santa, we read a Christmas Eve Countdown with Curious George, got the kiddos in their super cute, super festive PJs, and sent them both off to bed nice and early. All was well until shortly after Ben and I retired for the night (in the room we were sharing with Raegan, mind you). Just as I was drifting off to sleep, Raegan started making noise. And then more noise. And then MORE NOISE.

Seriously. Since we sleep trained back in August, she’s never had a night like this. She was up, screaming and crying for, oh two, two-and-a-half hours or so, right in the middle of the night. Actually, we discovered the next day that the PJs little saying on the front reads, “Staying up for Santa” and we wondered if she had taken to that to heart because we were certainly up at midnight, wide awake and greeting Christmas with a bang. For the life of me, though, I could not figure it out, and I was definitely not looking forward to giving them a second chance to prove their worth beyond cuteness factor.

Flash forward a little over a week to us being back home and trying desperately to recover from all the sickness and ickness that we experienced after our holiday travels. I was so out of it for so long that not much was getting done around the house in terms of laundry and dishes. Ben did a great job of handling the kids day in and day out, but as he quickly learned, doing all of the childcare and house care by yourself is tough, especially when your sick, good-for-nothing-other-than-being-on-the-couch-wife has conned you into watching all of Seasons One and Two of Downton Abbey with her in as short amount of time as possible, taking up most of your evening free time. But I digress…

Back to the laundry. It piled up. No big deal; that’s the beauty (and the downfall) of having a laundry chute in the house. You can just keep dropping it to the basement and never have a clue how bad the situation really is. The moment I did realize, though, was when I went to get Raegan dressed for bed on Thursday and the only clean PJs were, naturally, the Red-Stripy pair. I cringed, hoped we wouldn’t have a repeat disaster, and put them on Raegan.

The first two-and-a-half hours of the night were fine. Totally normal. Then she started making noise. And then more noise. And then MORE NOISE.

Seriously?! I couldn’t believe it. How could a pair of stinkin’ cute pajamas be so cursed?!

It was Ben’s mom who made the lightbulb click for me, though. She was here for a couple days to help me, and we were talking after Ben got home from a meeting and RL was still not sleeping. Deb asked, “Could it be the way they feel?” And just like that, I knew we had our answer. This is the only pair of PJs Raegan has slept in with this particular “tight” fit. Of course they are not too tight, but they are in fact much different from the rest of her normal night gear of regular fleece and knit pajamas. Harrison has always been my little one who is sensitive to the fit and feel of clothes; it never occurred to me that his sister might have some similar tendencies (especially since he had pajamas like this as a babe and never minded them!). But yes, I do believe the fit brought on her fits.

Normally we let the kids put themselves back to sleep when they wake in the middle of the night, but clearly that wasn’t going to happen this night, so Ben went up and did a full change (diaper and pajamas that I have no idea where or how we found) for her and put her back in her crib. Unfortunately it wasn’t an immediate fix because she was so upset. Lots of cries and tossing and turning and she finally went back to sleep about 40 minutes later.

Really, all of this is my fault. Although these were a Christmas gift for Raegan from my parents, I was the one who picked them out while shopping with my mom. As you can imagine, I’ve vowed to correct my error by not allowing RL to wear these anytime soon, if ever again. I might just have to give them away, if I can find some other little girl in 12-month clothes who does not mind a slim fit, that is!

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