Rockabye Mama

Seven years ago, I received the best Valentine’s present – my engagement ring. Technically Ben had already asked me to marry him and I had already said yes, but when he proposed, he hadn’t purchased a diamond ring yet, so instead he asked me with a birthstone ring, which was fine by me. Since then, Valentine’s Days have been pretty low-key by comparison. As in, I couldn’t even tell you what we did to celebrate, much less the gifts we exchanged. I, by the way, gave him two pairs of boxers the year he gave me the diamond…not so much a fair trade until you factor in that he did get me out of the deal, too. 😉 But really, those are the last gifts I really remember us giving for this holiday.

Flash forward to the baby making years, which is a phrase I occasionally use but am now reconsidering because seeing it typed out makes it sound so, so inappropriate. Anyway…. These last four years have been all about bringing babies into the world, and part of being a prepared mama, for me, is having a place to hold and rock my sweet littles. That of course meant that a rocking chair was a Must on my list for our nursery when we were preparing for Baby Welsch No. 1’s arrival. We didn’t shop around too much – instead we just ordered one online that matched the colors of our other nursery furniture, etc. It came with an ottoman, so I was set to sit. And rock (or would it be “glide” since technically I think the chair is actually a glider?).

And sit and rock I did. A lot. So much so that when Baby Welsch No. 2 was pending, I decided I needed another rocker (glider?): one for Harrison’s room still and one for the living room, where I could nurse, or maybe our room where the baby would sleep, or maybe the family room for play time…see, it really is amazing I didn’t try to buy four rockers right then and there. But as it turns out, I really do have a thing for this particular piece of furniture. They are just essential to me and I really would be content having one in almost every room in the house.

Chair No. 2 was a bit of an upgrade from No. 1. No ottoman this time, but a much cushier cushion and wider seat proved to be a good choice when it came to having both babies sitting with me in the thing as they seem to like to do, even to this day. And the softer cushion is fab because I actually had to put a pillow on the seat of the cheap-o No. 1 glider, especially in those months when RL was getting me up to nurse every 2-3 hours all night every night. So yes, another glider. More rocking. All good.

And now, almost by accident, I have acquired my third rocker/glider. It seems that I really am going to get one for each new baby, so perhaps, if we do have four kiddos, I will actually have four rockers in my house someday! But for now, I’m quite thrilled with No. 3 because it was a happy discovery in the furniture store’s clearance room last weekend when we were shopping for HD’s new big boy bed (which has been so far, so good, thank goodness!). It is very much like No. 2 except that it does have an ottoman and can even lock so as not to rock (I’m thinking this might be good when Mountain Goat Raegan can hoist herself up in the thing, which won’t be long), so even though it was as cheap as No. 1, it’s my fanciest one yet! Isn’t she pretty?

I was just joking when I pointed it out to Ben while we were at the store, but he said, “Do you want it for your Valentine’s present?” and since we haven’t done big presents in, oh, seven years, I decided, sure – why not? By the way, when my mom asked what I got him I said, “A rocker?” 🙂 Once again, not quite a fair trade, until you factor in the gift that we are both getting with Baby No. 3 later this year. Pretty fabulous, indeed.


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