The New Monday

Based on my experiences with the last three of them, Tuesdays can suck it. Sorry. I’ve tried all day to come up with a more adult and mature way to tell off Tuesday, but “suck it” is really as far as I can get. Now, in the poor day’s defense, last Tuesday was my birthday and the day part of it was truly lovely; I turned 31 surrounded by sunshine and roses (well, not roses, but cupcakes and that’s better anyway, I think). Really – a great day. But then came Tuesday night when I was supposed to be all sleeping the night away and resting my weary head and that, my friends, is where Tuesday can take a hike.

Last week, like the Tuesday night the previous week, I could not fall asleep. As in, children snoozing peacefully and quietly in their rooms, hubby catching ZZZs next to me, and me, WIDE flipping awake. For no apparent reason. Thank you, Pregnancy Insomnia!

It was after 2 a.m. the first time and after 3 a.m. the second before I could sleep. And you all know how late my children like to sleep, so the last few Wednesdays have been interesting as I’ve been trying to function fake my way through them on 3ish hours of sleep. So what I really should have said in my opener was that Tuesday nights can suck it because, quite frankly, they have sucked the wind out of me for two weeks in a row.

I was determined that this Tuesday would be different. I would go to bed super early to guarantee that I’d be asleep at a decent hour and would wake up on Wednesday feeling refreshed and bouncy. Stupid Tuesday. It saw me and my good intentions coming.

Instead of catching me on the downhill side of Tuesday night (8-12), this week caught me at the onset (12-8). Just before 1 a.m. this morning, Harrison came in our room asking for Daddy and coughing. And just one cough was enough to tell me he was going to puke (one proud moment for parental intuition, but ewwww all the same), so I shoved rushed Ben out of our bed to go help Little Man in the bathroom. Fortunately, all he did there was cough some more. Unfortunately, when Ben took him back to bed, he realized that the “spitting,” as we call it in our house, had already occurred. Yuck. And more yuck because it continued the rest of the night with Ben and I getting very, very little sleep. (Raegan, bless her heart, slept through it all even though doors were opened and lights were turned on and off about 50x in the middle of the night)

I’ll spare you all the gross and dirty details. If you already have kids, you probably know this disgusting song and dance. Somehow, we’re still pretty new to it. This is the first time Harrison has had sustained spitting that has made for many, many messes, loads of laundry and pajama changes in a 12 hour time span. And it’s awful. I mean, the cleaning itself is awful, but what really bites is seeing my active little run around guy stuck at home from preschool and so out of it that he hasn’t even asked about why he didn’t get to go. He’s been limp on a chair or couch ever since he came downstairs after Raegan woke up this morning and even took three naps throughout the day. THREE naps! I couldn’t hardly get him to do that when he was a baby! And although he keeps trying to drink fluids for us, we’re still not convinced he’ll be able to keep them down. And his sad, I don’t feel good face is really breaking my heart. I just want to make it all better rightthisveryminute. Thankfully, there have been no major fevers, though, so for now we’re just riding it out, hoping he starts to keep something in his system soon and can maybe even eat something. But who knows. This is a Tuesday we’re talking about!

Evening Update: Not good. The non-existent fever came on fast and furious and just like that, it was all the way up to 103.6 degrees! I repeat, Not. Good. And then there was the whole spitting all over me and the couch and himself when I tried to give him medicine for said fever. Oy. Haven’t been brave enough to try more medicine yet, but he has nibbled on a little banana bread (please, if this is terrible to feed a sick child, don’t tell me – it was the only thing all day he’s agreed to try eating) and sipped some more Gatoraid, so fingers crossed that all sticks with him. Fever has gone down a teensy bit, so fingers also crossed that that trend continues. After HD’s four naps today, I’m not sure what the night will be like, but clearly we all need some sleep.

So. Tuesday. You had darn well better redeem yourself quickly and help us all get some rest and recovery going in our house! We need it!

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