Tuesday Continues

When Harrison got sick in the middle of the night on Monday/Tuesday, my first thought after feeling really, really bad for him was, “OH. NO! I hope I don’t get this!” I did the whole 6 months pregnant and sick with a stomach bug when I was pregnant with him four years ago and once was more than enough on that front.

Then, as the night/day/night of yuck continued, my thoughts changed to, “OH. NO! I hope Raegan doesn’t get this!” Because I realized, pretty quickly, how hard it is to get a super sick three-year-old to understand what it means to be sick and how hard it is to contain that mess. And that realization led me to understand that dealing with a “spitting” 17-month-old would be so much worse.

Turns out, I was right. Our Tuesday was doozy and unfortunately it has resurfaced today.

Yesterday we woke to surprising calm and a little man who was actually feeling much, much better despite ending his Tuesday with a 103 degree fever and more spits. Granted, we were all really tired from the previous 24 hours, but we were also very grateful that it had only last 24 and not 72 like the nurse over the phone had warned me it might.

Harrison went all day and night with no fevers or anything else super troubling, so we decided to let him try preschool today. We even told him he could do the scheduled swimming lesson this morning, if he felt like it. And you know what? He was fine. Just fine! He went to school, he swam, and he’s doing great. Well, he wouldn’t really eat his lunch for me, but that is just par for the course these days.

The one who is not fine, not great is Raegan. Twice now, since midnight, she’s been sleeping in her crib and made a funny, gurgle-y cough. Twice now that has resulted in a great big mess all over her, her sleep sack, and her bed. And so, again, we are having a Tuesday – more spit, more laundry, more OH. NO!

But remember how I mentioned HD and preK? Well, since I didn’t know what else to do/had no other choice, I had to bring RL along for pick up and drop off. Just like I do every other preK day, even when she’s got a drippy nose or it is cold or windy or whatever. She has to come along for the ride and into the school with me because I can’t stand to leave her alone in the van.

Drop off was fine. Got him delivered safe and sound and then got her back home so she could take a nice long nap (that unfortunately ended in the second of the above mentioned messes). Pick up, however, was not so good.

I gave Raegan a sippy of water before we left the house because she’s had nothing but 4 oz. of formula today and clearly that didn’t stick with her. She sucked it down in what my gut told me was probably too quick a manner, but again, I had no choice but to bring her in with me to wait for Harrison (I just typed that the first time as “bring me in with her” which is actually a pretty funny error in light of what happened).

We were standing there chatting with another preK mom when I noticed Raegan was making these weird little urppy sounds. I should have run for the door right then and there. But OH. NO! I didn’t. And thirty seconds later, Little Girl spit all over me and herself. And a little on the floor of the Y. As the class of big kids was just lining up in front of us in the hallway. And other parents were arriving to pick up their own preKs. *Sigh* *And Ew. Just Ew*

Thankfully the teachers who were around shepherded us and our mess inside so we could wash off with a couple towels, collect HD a minute early, and then flee as I apologized quickly to the other mamas and papas for leaving our germs in the hallway. I stripped her as best I could before putting her in her carseat and did my very best not to be bothered by why my own shirt and pant legs were damp as we hurried home to change clothes and put in what has got to be my 25th load of laundry this week.

After holding her for much of the last hour and a half, while attempting failing to get HD to eat his lunch, Raegan’s now back in her crib, down for her second nap of the day. I haven’t heard any cough/gurgles yet, but based on how the rest of this day has gone, I wouldn’t be surprised if another mess awaits whenever I go back up to collect her.

Seriously. I’m grateful that they weren’t both down with this at the same time, but this extended dealing with illness is driving me batty. And it still has me pretty darn paranoid about getting sick, myself. So here’s to not avoiding Tuesdays so much (resistance is futile, no?) as hoping that this one eventually, finally ends!

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