Beat it, April.

To put it lightly, April has been a doozy. In case you were wondering, based on my lack of posts after a flurry of yuck earlier in the month, the answer is, “No. Things have not settled down here at the Welsch residence.”

Seriously. How do we go all winter in relative good health and then get completely bombarded by April? I have never before in my life had a least favorite month, but now, thanks to one round after another of total blech, April has earned that unfavorable title in my mind. I was wrong when I said Tuesdays can suck it. APRIL can instead!

To keep it short and not too whiny (OK, I’ve already been too whiny), our last two weeks have involved more random “spits” and a Strep diagnosis for HD and then a separate flu bug for RL (but thankfully no Strep). I guess this is what you call paying your dues as a parent but I’ve more than earned my keep in regards to spit up clean up for the month (if not the year), thank you very much. What I would really like to see is a week of no pukes, a little sunshine, and everyone eating with a normal appetite; really – that’s it. Or maybe I would just like it to be May so we can move on from this icky April. Yeah, that might be the answer.

Now, there have been some bright moments this month thanks to sweet gifts from HD and actually, finally accomplishing a project that makes this house feel like our own. Over the weekend, with the help of both our moms, we were able to get Harrison’s room painted, and let me tell you, it is a literal Bright moment. His trim and doors and windows are no longer blue but sparkling white instead (after three – three! – coats, mind you). His walls are no longer goldenrod yellow but two and two of two rather bold (but natural) shades of orange. In reality it probably looks like a giant creamsicle, but we’re pleased with the final product and the fact that we pulled it off during such a whirlwind of a month. And did I mention that I passed my glucose screening for the first time ever? No three-hour-poke-test at the hospital for this mama! Hooray!!

Of course, in the last couple weeks there have also been a few returns of Captain Cranky Pants, especially after RL pulled my favorite Pampered Chef pan from the cupboard, only to have it split down the middle upon contact with our tile floor. That was not a bright moment kind of afternoon. But, it is (was?) just a pan and no little toes got broken, so once again, we pick up the pieces and we carry on through the next moment/day/week, through the brights and the darks and the sort of in betweens.

And if we just keep doing that, well, there is no way this month can win. By God, we will see May! It will be a better month!!


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