Perspective of the Third

Well, this is a first. I am typing this with the computer propped up on the edge of the Boppy. Why? Because my sweet, new, and sleeping-oh-so-nicely-on-my-lap Lincoln is just too darn warm and cozy to move. But I want to write. Need to write. So write I shall, with his little sleep noises to keep my typing taps company….

It has been almost a week since Lincoln surprised us with his patriotic arrival and there are so many thoughts and observations that keep running through my head, I just want to record as many as I can for remembering’s sake (is that a thing? it is now). I can’t promise a narrative thread or any sort of moral of the story; these are just the little moments in the first part of a new life, in our new family life, that stand out to me.

* Somehow I forgot how much I love holding a snoozing newborn on my chest. I simply adore it and would place it in my Top Five of Motherhood Favorites. It is warm and smells good and feels even better. And I love that my baby(ies) seem to love it as much as I do. Lincoln is such a little snuggler. I plan to eat that up for as long as he will let me (and I hope it lasts forever).

* I am blessed with kiddos who love each other. I know this doesn’t mean they will always get along or even like each other necessarily, but wow, it does a body good to see how much HD & RL have already opened up to and accepted their new little brother. Harrison’s always been a good big brother (even if he’s never quite understood how much bigger he actually is), so his affection for LT doesn’t surprise me. And Raegan’s always been a little love, so I can’t really say her behavior surprises me either, but I am pleased that she wants to check on him, wave to him, kiss him as much as we let her.

* The fact that I have two boys has yet to sink in for me. Perhaps this is because Lincoln is still in sweet sleepy infant mode and won’t really be a full action Boy until he’s more mobile. I’m sure it won’t take long for him to be ripping and tearing just like his big brother (and who am I kidding? his big sister, too), but for now I just look at him and marvel at how tiny, and how calm, he is.

* Thank God for summer babies. I knew I was going to be glad to have Ben home when the new baby arrived, but wow and wow. I am grateful from here to eternity that I’m not doing this on my own and won’t be for several more weeks. Ben has been a wonderful help with the older two during the days and has even been helping me with diaper changes and swaddling for LT at night. I am one lucky Wifey and my kids have one amazing Daddy.

* I have not had coffee since the day I delivered Lincoln. Full disclosure: on that day, when I realized I was in labor, I sent Ben to get me a large vanilla iced coffee because I knew I was going to need an extra push (sorry, bad pun) to get through the day. Since then, though, I haven’t had a drop of coffee, tea, or soda. I drank caffeinated beverages, in moderation and no more than my doc recommended – mind you, during my entire pregnancy so it’s not like I’m up on some soapbox here, I’m just saying. Because I have Ben around and can catch some downtime/naps during the day, I’m making it. While I’m proud of that for the time being, I withhold the right to throw the notion out the window the first day Ben is back to school. If Mama then needs it, then Mama shall have it!

* Harrison loves to ask, “How’s the baby doing? What’s the baby doing? Does Lincoln like this?” and does so all day long. He also really likes all of the baby gadgets that have reappeared in our house and is constantly being reminded to not touch the swing/bouncer/etc. or turn them on by himself.  Also, he asked on LT’s first night home if the baby could have a gorilla cheese (grilled cheese) sandwich. Ummmm – in about a year and a half, Buddy. 🙂

* Raegan is a bit fascinated with my nursing the baby. When she saw me do it for the first time, she walked over, pointed to my breast and called it a bottle. Ummmm – sure. I’m not about to tell her (or HD) the anatomically correct terms, so I just explained that that is where Lincoln gets his milk from Mama. Now every time she sees me nursing, she points to me and says, “Milk” (which sounds more like Mik coming from her, but you get the gist). I hear her say “Baby” and “Mik” a lot.

* Lincoln is a handsy little dude. I seem to remember having similar issues with my first son, but wow; I have such a hard time getting him latched to nurse because his hands are always flying up in his face. I know every mom wishes she had an extra set of hands but I seriously need them! It takes 5-10 minutes sometimes to get a feeding going because that’s how long I have to try to keep his hands from getting in the way of his mouth. Little goof.

* Telling Raegan something about “her brother” now require clarification, which is still weird to me. I’ve already found myself referring to HD as Big Buddy and LT as Little Buddy. We’ll see what sticks.

* Speaking of sticking…I’m afraid we might have a nickname for Lincoln that I was hoping to avoid. Not that there’s really anything wrong with it, but I’m not a huge fan of calling him Link (Linc? See, I don’t even know what to do with this!). His sister, however, has yet to master too many two syllable words (“Daddy” being an obvious exception), so she’s already begun calling him “Baby Link” when she talks to or about him. Oh, well. I guess that can be her special name for him. I’ll stick to LT.

OK….that’s good for now. I have other, more coherent stories to share, but for now this works. In fact, you might see more posts like this in the weeks or months to come, but we are very much in “whatever works” mode and I’m totally OK with that. And so far, whatever is working just fine!


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