Another Round

Amazing what a difference a year makes. For me and for my Little (Big?) Man, Harrison. Last night we had Open House at preschool. The time was different (it started at what is normally his bedtime! those of you who know my Sleep Nazi ways can imagine what I thought about that!) and over half the kids were different, but it was all still pretty darn cool. And, can you believe it? No tears from this tired, postpartum-hormonal mama!

I guess part of it is having comfort in the familiar. Harrison knows his classroom and his teachers and the space at the Y so well after attending preschool there last year. This year, doing the classroom scavenger hunt to start the evening was a breeze (he was even helping his friends find pictures from their own clipboards after we finished his). There was no sudden moment of (mild) panic (on his part and mine) when Miss Rita said the kids would stay with the teachers and the parents would go with her to do paperwork. Instead, he ran right to the center of the circle carpet and plopped down, ready to go for whatever. And when we finished said mountain of paperwork (just kidding – not that bad) and he finished his way-super-awesome-especially-an-hour-after-bedtime snack of a sugar cookie with a chocolate Kiss in the center, he was cool, ready to collect his prize from the mailbox, and head out the door. No, literally. He nabbed his treat (see below) and ran straight for the door. “I got this, Mama. I totally got this!” is how I would caption the picture of that moment, if I had remembered to take my camera.

Of course, it’s true – he’s totally got this. For an already (and always) verbal kid, his language has grown so much this summer and so has he (4′ and 5 lbs. in the last year – or was it 5″ and 4 lbs.? – either way – SO big!). He cares more about relationships with others and is memorizing whole stanzas from (rhyming) books. He is so ready for school to start in two weeks! And even though it will be different because Dad will be taking him in the mornings before he goes to school, I know Harrison will settle right in to the routine and we’ll all find the way to our new normal. It probably goes without saying, but the summer was a big transition for all of us and with Ben back to work, things have been a little nutty around here lately. I think we’re all hopeful that once preschool starts again, we can figure out a schedule that works for all of us, as a family and as individuals, too.

I can’t wait to see what the new year brings for Mr. HD. I think he’s going to have a blast and learn a ton (which should maybe terrify me because he’s already pretty darn quick). I mean, what could be better in a 4-yr-old’s world than a great place to go play and explore and grow three times a week, and one that also gives you occasional prizes like suckers from the Prize Mailbox (that your mom and dad tell you can be eaten the next day as “breakfast dessert” because Dear Me, you should have been in bed over an hour ago and don’t need any more sugar just this second!)?!

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