How to Survive Today

Yesterday began at 4:28 a.m. for me. Unfortunately, after almost two weeks of doing pretty well getting to sleep every night, yesterday didn’t end until 4 a.m. this morning for me. That means that with kid wake ups and whatnot, I got all of about 2.5 hours of sleep. And now I have to do 10 hours by myself with all three kids in the house today. Here’s how that will happen:

1) I am giving them and myself a lot of slack today. If that materializes in pajamas all day or “one more” show on PBS, then so be it. It is cold outside and I am part-zombie today. Slack is necessary to forgive myself my crazies of not sleeping well and to understand that the things my children do today that I find less than favorable are not personal attacks on me or a reflection of who I am as a parent. Harrison was up between 3 and 4, too, for unknown reasons; apparently Raegan took her pajamas off after Ben put her down, forever before falling asleep, and then slept in just a diaper (and now has a runny nose); Lincoln was up at 3:30 to nurse. We are ALL tired today and each one of us needs slack (you have no idea how many times I am having to hit the delete button to correct the mistakes my tiredness is making as I type, even).

2) Love. That’s what I can give my kids today. Not a bunch of spectacular SuperMom moments – just love. And I can do the same for myself. Every time I see my super dark circles in the mirror, I can choose to love myself instead of criticize. Maybe that is SuperMom after all.

3) I will watch this a million times. Or at least think of it and remember that they love me, imperfections and all.

Afternoon Update: Yep, a lot of screen time, two cups of decaf coffee, some kick-ass Melissa and Doug stickers, and some good tunes have gotten us this far. Still two hours to go until Ben is home (hopefully) and then maybe all of my super sleepies (and one slightly sicky) can get some rest tonight, me included.


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