Wiggle Worms

While I realize this is no surprise to any of you, I feel the need to state (again) that I have active children. How active, you might ask? Well, from my decaffeinated point of view, VERY active! They are the products of my racing mind and my hubby’s ever-tapping feet (no, really…the guy can’t sit still to save his life), so how could our Littles be any other way? And why would I want them any other way? Well, fewer gray hairs and more time to read might be two reasons, but meh…gray hairs and time for books will come regardless, so I might as well embrace my current season of life which I think I shall dub The Wiggle Years (a.k.a The Sleepless Years but wiggling is so much more fun than not sleeping, so let’s keep the focus light, shall we?).

The Wiggle Years began four years ago when Harrison was just about the same age as Lincoln is now. As a baby, Harrison loved to bounce and scoot and roll. Actually, as soon as he did this for the first time (he started on the blanket), I knew my freedom as a mama – as a person – was severely limited because I needed to keep an eye on him constantly to know where and into what he was getting: 
Of course, it’s not just my boys who are wiggly. Raegan was such a squirmer that I have to admit, I really don’t have fond memories of nursing her. I mean, we did it and it was fine, great, and even lovely sometimes, but for the most part, breastfeeding her was always part wrestling match. She was all over the place with arms and legs moving even while on my lap, so it’s no wonder that she’s stayed such a little peanut what with all that simulataneous consumption and exertion of calories. She just a strong little monkey who has been pulling tricks like this since well before she was one: 
And now the Wiggle Years continue with Mr. Lincoln. Good gracious, that child can move. Perhaps you remember me writing that he was my most active babe in the belly yet? Well, look out world, because I think that might be true out of the womb as well. Just under a week ago, when LT turned five months, he finally managed to achieve his long-sought-after goal of flipping from his back to his tummy. And in doing so, he seems to have flipped some switch in his brain that said, “YES! MOVEMENT! LOVE IT!” because my previously chill baby is now squirmy as all get out. Instead of hanging out in his swing or bassinet during the day, he much prefers to be on the floor where he can wiggle and flip. Just look at him! 

And, suddenly, Lincoln’s nursing sessions are starting to seem very similar to Raegan’s in that I’m having a hard time keeping his head facing me and his arms and legs still. Last night, during our little dream feed before Ben and I go to bed, Lincoln’s bottom arm stretched out behind my ribcage and his little fingers with his sharp little nails started wiggling all over the place. I noticed it and it wasn’t pleasant, but I really didn’t think much of it. That is, until this morning, as I was getting ready for the day, and Harrison came in to see me and said, “Mama! What’s that?!” because I had scratch marks in a neat little cluster on my back. Not to worry, though; Dr. Harrison patched me right up with an Angry Birds Band Aid that he insisted I have because a kiss just would not be enough to heal me. Oh, my babies. You are so funny. And soooooo wiggly! 
LT’s pretty strong and pretty determined, so I would imagine it’s only a matter of time before he’s trying to keep up with the older two. Good thing I’m doing my yoga twice a week so I can get strong like all of them; I’m going to need the strength and stamina to keep up with this crew! 


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