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My favorite students are the ones who teach me in return and I have been lucky enough to get to know some of those gems outside of the classroom, too. One student who happened to be in the very first class I ever taught at my very first job as a full-blown adult is still in contact via the beauty of the interwebs and I couldn’t be more proud to know her. She’s awesome. She’s a writer among many things and recently she posted that during this time of year, every year, she and her hubby (and sometimes kids) make a list of 25 things they accomplished in the last 12 months. What an awesome idea was my reaction to that followed immediately by I totally want to steal that. So I am. And because I share so much with those of you who take the time to read these posts, I’m sharing my list. Maybe you’ll make a list too? Share it with me if you’d like, or keep it for yourself as a memento of 2013. Even if you hate to journal, this could be a really cool and really easy*  way to keep track of the simply amazing and amazingly simple accomplishments of your years.

*I’m retracting that this is easy. This actually took me a lot of time and thinking, but it was very much worthwhile in the end; so still do it, but don’t expect it to be a breeze.

25 Things in 2013
1. I pushed out my third baby au natural. He is totally awesome. Every night as I dream feed him, I look at his sweet head covered in blond fuzz and I smile because my heart wants to burst with love for him.
2. I rekindled a love affair with yoga that has brought me great joy, physical strength, and an abundance of gratitude and awareness.
3. I learned to ask for help when I needed it most and have made great strides ever since.
4. I read 40 some books. That is so cool.
5. I joined a book club! Best decision ever!
6. I taught two night classes in one semester (and learned that I probably won’t be doing that again any time soon).
7. I made the switch post-baby from regular coffee to decaf. It was brutal, but I’ve adjusted.
8. This blog post will make #75 for the year. HOT DANG!
9. I met/made new friends who felt like long-lost kindred souls.
10. I got really, really skilled in the deep, dark bowels of April at cleaning up sick kid messes. Dear Universe, I would prefer no more practice in that area for a very long time, thank you very much.
11. I parked our Chrysler in the garage stall without damaging it or the garage. And I pulled out of the garage in the Chrysler without damaging the house. I did each of these things exactly once (not that I did it other times and caused damage – that’s just how rare a feat it really is). If you knew how wide that car is and how weird our driveway is, you would be very proud of me, too, I think. Amazingly simple things – they really do count!
12. My back has improved so much in recent months that I now only see my chiropractor once every three weeks.
13. I started taking photos of me nursing my baby. I’m sad I don’t have images of doing so with the first two, but it’s never too late to start something that matters to you.
14. I learned to trust a 20-month-old as she fed herself cereal every morning.
15. I cooked meals and actually included garlic and onion in some of the recipes that called for them. OK, like two, but progress is progress.
16. I learned that nothing beats seeing my four-yr-old’s dimples as he tells me about school, or makes up stories or jokes, or squeezes my legs tight and says “thanks” for making his fave, Stromboli.
17. I didn’t feel one single itch after celebrating my seventh wedding anniversary.
18. I edited my very first book manuscript. Wait – that’s confusing. I edited a book manuscript for an author for the very first time. Perhaps that is more clear!
19. I survived (and even enjoyed) an out-of-state road trip with my family of five when our newest member was just three weeks old.
20. I did not freak out when one of my children required stitches for the very first time.
21. I painted two bedrooms in our house prior to Lincoln’s arrival (w/ some help, of course).
22. I discovered that heels are still not my friend but wedges are. #shortgirlproblemsandsolutions
23. I was offered a job sight unseen that I could not take but was honored by it all the same.
24. I actually did 10-20 projects/recipes/etc. of the tons that I pinned this year. Yea, me!
25. I leaned that strong is better than skinny and I hope to keep that switch in “s” words permanent.

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