Good Eats?

If I am being honest with you (and myself), I would have never thought on my own that I could/would/should make baby food for my kids. Would have never even occurred to me. Isn’t that why they sell it in those cute little jars at the store? Because you are supposed to feed it to your cute little ones at home? And yet, with Harrison, I made 95% of the purees he ate starting around the six-month mark. Why? Because my aunt asked me if we wanted a Babycook for his first Christmas and I said, “Ummmmm? OK?”

While I have some contention about the product’s name (seriously? it sounds like you are meant to cook the kid, not for the kid. this is just as disturbing to me as the phrase “good enough to eat” when used in reference to children. why do we want our little ones to think we want to eat them?!), the Beaba Babycook really is amazing. I believe my aunt found it through Williams Sonoma (T, correct me if I’m wrong) and she also got us this amazing cookbook that I truly adored. The first time I tried using the Babycook, I had no freaking clue what I was doing, but it turned out to be a pretty simple system and the little man liked the end result, so we just went with it. I made everything from sweet potato and squash to asparagus, whipped cauliflower, and ground turkey. I honestly don’t know if I bought any baby food in jars from a store for him. Puffs and snacks, yes, but nothing else.

Then came Miss Raegan. Our little peanut who refused to eat pretty much anything besides yogurt and certainly nothing homemade besides some sweet potatoes and squash. Actually, mostly just the squash. She just didn’t care for anything I tried making for her, which, I’ll be honest again, wasn’t as much. I was too frazzled, apparently, and since my few attempts didn’t exactly win her over, I decided it just wasn’t worth the hassle. Jarred baby food it was. I felt a fair amount of mommy guilt over this that I tried to assuage with Organic jarred baby food, but it was what it was (and I was not going to spend every weekend making stuff she was going to not eat!).

So now that Lincoln has hit six months (almost seven, actually, if you can believe it), I get my third shot at this. And because, you know, I have so much free time, I decided to try the Babycook once again. Last weekend I spent about an hour chopping up, steaming, and pureeing two batches each of sweet potatoes and squash. It looked like this at the mid-point:

And then, true to form, both HD and LT were willing to try the goods:

While some feedings since the first have been less than successful, Lincoln’s general consensus is that my homemade stuff is OK ( or, at least, he seems to have fun spreading it all over his face). I guess this means that, for now, the Babycook is back in business!

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