Welcome Back, Mr. Coffee

I am in sleep hell. Actually, I am in no-sleep hell. *sigh* Trust me, I wish I had something else to write about right now, but unfortunately poor sleep is still the headlining news from our house.

Thanks to Operation Bottle Warmer last week, I did get in several nights of sustained, uninterrupted sleep in our guest room. Talk about necessary. Mandatory, even. But then this weekend came and ForTheLoveofPete, all that progress went right out the window.

I don’t know what in the world is going on with my sweet-as-can-be and normally totally chill Mr. Lincoln, but he is having what we’ll call a “helluva time” with sleep right now. Lincoln! Listen to your mama!! Now is not the time to become a crappy sleeper. I’m sorry, Baby, but I’m declaring an expiration date by which a baby either is or is not a good sleeper and you’ve already passed that and picked the good. Do not be swayed by the Dark Side. Trust me. It’s not a fun place to be! And your daddy and I do not want to go the Dark Side with you anymore. Two of the last three nights have been dark enough, thank you very much.

The first set back was Friday night. LT was up to nurse about three hours after we went to bed and then, instead of just going back to sleep like he normally does, he cried. FOR TWO HOURS STRAIGHT, he cried. We tried changing him (diaper, clothes, sleep sack, sheets) and letting him work it out and finally, a little after 3:00, gave up and I nursed him again. After that he was still making noise for a bit in his crib, but get this – he was cooing. After two hours of screaming, he was freaking cooing! Once that stopped, we had roughly two-ish hours to go before Harrison would be up for the day and wouldn’t you know it, I super struggled to go back down. I kept imagining that I was hearing things (i.e. the big kids) or then Ben would move next to me and I’d startle and just in general, my mind was racing like a crazy person’s. But at least it was Saturday and I could go back to sleep after the boys went downstairs a little after six and get a couple more hours of disjointed crazy-dream sleep. Today I am not so lucky. Today I have to function on three hours of sleep because that’s all I got amidst Lincoln’s antics last night.

OK, so I can’t blame the baby for the whole night. I can only blame him for the first two-thirds of it. After going to bed nice and early (but still taking too long to fall asleep), Lincoln had me up to nurse at 11, just as I was ready to hit some nice, deep sleep. So that sucked. But what sucked even more was that he was up again a little over three hours later like he’s a newborn again or something. And because I didn’t think my head or my heart or my body could stand another potential two-hour cry fest, I nursed him again (even though my better judgment fears this is the start of a very slippery slope). But in the moment, it worked, or at least it did for LT; he and Ben both went right back to sleep. I did not. So at 4 something I came downstairs to try to sleep down here, but hello racing-minute-counting-couldn’t-go-back-to-sleep-head. And a sore throat to boot. In other words, I am a hot mess. And so are all of my boys. Apparently HD was up at 5 this morning (and 5:20 and 5:30) and then LT was up again at 5:45. WHAT is wrong with us? Why is Raegan the only person capable of sleep in this house? How am I going to survive on three hours of sleep today? Especially when I only got four-ish pieced together hours on Friday? I think it is safe to say that the no-caffeinated coffee days are over.


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