Making it Happen

A few months ago, I mentioned in a blog post that I wanted to become a yoga instructor by the time I turned 42 (i.e. ten+ years from now). Remember that? It was a generous time span in which I could do All The Things and eventually find a way to share something I love with others. Well, apparently there’s this thing about the universe that when you put your intentions out there, the stars sometimes align sooner than you expect. And as a result of such alignment, it looks like I might be making it happen while I’m 32 instead. So at the hope/risk of making those stars really come into being, let me tell you more.

It looks like I might be able to do my 200 hour yoga certification this summer. As in, by August 1, I would have the bulk of my work done and would be thisclose to being able to teach.

Even though my family and friends have been so supportive of this yoga journey of mine, I had no intention of making certification happen so soon. But then, in January I learned that The Lotus House of Yoga in Omaha offers seven month courses and one month intensive trainings, too, where you spend four weeks doing classes, etc. M-F, all day to get it all done. When I investigated further, I learned that their summer intensive this year just so happens to align perfectly to fall between my summer session of teaching at CCC and when Ben goes back to school in August. I can even make my mama goal of nursing LT for the full first year (and then I’ll take my pump with me and hope on a wing and a prayer that I can keep bringing milk back every weekend during this wild and crazy adventure). And so it all just seems quite perfect. Quite meant to be.

Truth? I’m not sure I’m ready. Real truth? I don’t think I’m ready. I feel like I should deepen my own practice more. Try more styles. Perfect more poses. Then I should become an instructor. But that’s the beauty of yoga (and this precious whirlwind known as life) – there is no perfect. There is only your practice, and for some yogis, doing a 200 hour program is simply a way to deepen their practice. So the beauty of this experience will be that even if I don’t feel quite ready to teach, I will be accomplishing both – growing in my own way on the mat and being one step closer to reaching others on the mat, too. Also, my very wise husband pointed out that life is never going to get less busy, so if the opportunity has presented itself to make it happen now, and not in ten years when our kids are involved with every activity under the sun, why not give it a go?

I am so, so grateful to my local studio for inspiring this leap. Avani has created such an amazing light in this community and in me. Every time I attend a class, I learn something new – about myself, about yoga, or about both. Without their help and guidance, I would not even be considering this possibility right now, but again, sometimes you put an idea out there and you get the feedback you need to make it happen. So I think it’s awesome that I will get to train at the same place they did. And that I have a husband who is willing to fly solo with the kids for the better part of four weeks. And friends who helped me assuage the mommy-guilt about being gone, are willing to house me while I’m away, and will help my hubby entertain the munchkins in my absence. And family who are willing to help me pull off two birthdays in July, to boot. And all of you who will follow along, will keep me accountable and will keep me going, too! Seriously. I am surrounded by amazing people. And because of all of you, I get to do amazing things.

So while the 13-yr-old in me hems and haws and wonders if I can make it all happen, the 31-going-on-32-yr-old thinks, Hot Dang. I am making it happen! 


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