Just Me

Holy C.R.A.P. Today I am enjoying my first day to myself in, um, over five years. That is, my first day without Ben and the kids (and without being pregnant) and all by myself, rolling around town and rambling around the house and yeah. It’s just me. And eight whole hours to do whatever I like (plus pumping, of course). Insane!

How did this day of awesome come to be? Well, the big kids are set to come back from the grandparental’s today and the great grandparentals wanted to see the baby, so it occurred to me on Tuesday that I could actually make all that happen by letting Lincoln go with Ben while leaving myself at home. Little Dude now takes a bottle just fine, so why not pack some milk and send them on their way? Love my in-laws, yes I do, so it’s not that I didn’t want to see them and the Greats, but wow – a whole day to myself? Are you kidding me? That never happens (I wasn’t kidding when I said five+ years since I have been a person alone w/o a person growing in my tummy for more than an hour or two). So, yes. I asked and Ben agreed and then this morning he left with Mr. Lincoln and will be home later with all three. I do the day in/day out with the munchkins all the time, so I know it’s not easy, and I give him mad props for agreeing to this road trip adventure, especially on his first day off from school for the long weekend. In a way, though, this is a good test run for this summer as Ben has also agreed to send me off to Omaha for a month so I can get my yogi on to learn/stretch/grow, repeat, repeat, repeat. One day to wrangle the kids (while traveling) will be good practice for him!

So what, exactly, am I doing with my time? Well, besides enjoying a coffee (hello, caffeine, how I have missed you!) and writing, I went to yoga (new goal pose: wheel. Holy C.R.A.P. some more – tried it for the first time this morning and not entirely sure my back wants to bend that way, but patience and practice and I’ll get there [and then I’ll post a pic!]) and next I plan to take a nice long epsom salt bath. And then I’m going to read. And that’s it. No cleaning. No laundry. Just a book and the sunshine and yes. Yes! Yes! Yes!

Don’t get me wrong. I love my kiddos more than anything. They are the reason I do all the things. But to know myself and get some time in my own space and in my own head? I’m calling it the best early birthday present ever. Man, I love March! And yes, I have the best husband. I know this and I think he’s awesome. Clearly he likes me, too. 😉


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