Out of Words?

Oof. So it’s been a slow month of posting but an intense one all the same. If I thought April’s first post showed a little beneath my armor, the second one certainly did. Part of what prompted me to post last week was that I felt a little stuck; like I was having a hard time writing because I just wanted to put my story out there so I could continue making new stories. But now a whole week has gone by and I haven’t written a darn thing, so today I started to wonder if I’ve run out of things to say.

Now, my sweet father must be chuckling and shaking his head as he reads this; in college I would call the poor man, freaking out about the length or word count of a paper I was trying to write and I would lament into the phone, “But I don’t think I have enough to say! How will I ever make it long enough?!” and his response was always the same: a short laugh and, “Sweetie. You always have enough to say.” As I thought of him today and how many times he must have said that to me, I realized it’s not a lack of words that’s been after me in the last week. It is simply a matter of time.

While every week seems crazy busy (hello?! how is it mid-April 2014 already, thank you very much?!), the last week has been its own particular breed of loony. Ben and I have been tag-team parenting since last Tuesday with him doing most of the tagging out and me doing most of the parenting. Not that I am criticizing him; it just so happened that EVERY possible event seemed to happen on consecutive days, making our only day all together as a family on Sunday, the day of the oh-so-lovely-mid-April-NE-blizzard (on which, the morning of, we took a whole family trip to the grocery store because apparently we really did lose our minds somewhere in the midst of the last week). So although bedtime is not normally my thing (not at all; that’s is Ben’s domain and he is great at it), since last Thursday, and including today, I’ve had to do the whole day solo plus supper plus bedtime three times. Again. Not criticizing and not complaining. Simply stating that there might just be a reason as to why I’ve had no time to think much less sit down and put those thoughts into words.

Thankfully the children treated me quite well as the Bedtime Substitute (totally making that a proper noun because it’s totally a legitimate job title). On Thursday they didn’t even sense that I had lined up a babysitter to appear after they were already sound asleep in their beds so I could sneak off to yoga; it was brilliant! And while Friday resulted in some shenanigans, today went quite well (thank goodness since I’m going on four hours sleep and two coffees today). And while I really have nothing profound to say, I’m at least here to say Hooray! My head has not spun off my shoulders. At least not yet.

By the sound of it, my children will never be short of words (or at least not sounds) either:


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