Brave, Part Two

There were moments today, many moments, that had me questioning my sanity, the sanity of my children, and the phase of the moon. Many, many moments. But there was also a whole lotta awesome that happened this morning which is what I’m focusing on in this post.

Today was Family/Fun Swim at HD’s preschool. They do this at the end of each year but last year I was sick (damn April) and couldn’t go. I would say “Somehow, my sweet boy with the memory of an elephant” remembers that, but there’s no “somehow” about it. The sweet boy has the memory of an elephant, so of course he remembers that I missed last year. Since the end of March, when we got the April calendar and he saw when Family/Fun Swim was scheduled, he’s been asking me, “Mama? Can you go swimming with me? Will you not be sick this time?” Note: Ben went in my place last year so it’s not like we deprived the kid of Family or Fun, but apparently this is just one of those things where he wanted me. Truth? I am not complaining about being wanted!

As you may remember, swim lessons have caused Harrison some anxiety in the past. Last fall we came up with a solution for his nerves: I painted his toes so he could have a visual reminder of us when he was at school and worried about being in the pool. All he had to do was look down and poof! Instant reminder of Mama and how brave I think he is. The coolest part? It totally worked. The very first time we sent him to school with painted toes, he told me on the way home that he was so brave at swimming lessons and that he had fun. It is amazing how much good a little bottle of cheap polish can do!

On and off throughout the year, I have continued to paint his toes the weeks of swim lessons. Not every time, but most. He likes his two favorite colors, red and blue, but I also got him some “piggy” green that we debuted last month. It’s been a while since we last did a new coat, though, so yesterday I asked him, “Hey, Buddy. Do you want me to paint your toes for swimming tomorrow?” I was surprised to hear him say, “No, thanks.” But even better? When I asked him why not, he smiled and said, “Because you’re going swimming with me.”

Well. Melt. My. Heart. How freaking sweet is that?!

And really? He totally meant it. He was so excited to see me in the hall when his class headed for the pool this morning and once we got in our waiting spot beside the water to listen to his teacher’s instructions, he didn’t let go of me for one second. He was either holding my hand or climbing in my lap or leaning on my shoulder the entire time. As I said, it was a whole lotta awesome and I am so glad I could be there to have that experience with him. And even though he was, in Harrison terms, fairly timid in the water still, he said swimming was the best part of his day today when we played Happy/Sad after dinner. I know the days of having Mom around being Super Cool are numbered, so how super cool that we both got to enjoy this one (or at least moments of it) so very much.

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