Well, Hellooooo, May! The Welschies are so happy you have arrived as it means long days of sunshine and playing outdoors will be upon us very soon. In fact, you have already graced us with some gorgeous days and happy trees, tulips, and tiny plants in our garden, so thank you for that. Of course May in Nebraska also means the end of the school year (and boy, do I feel sorry for all those who go into June!). I have just one more night of teaching for the semester (WhooHoo!) and Ben and Harrison have just a couple-ish weeks left. This month marks the end of a preschool era for HD, though, as his teacher/classroom will change for the first time when he goes to five day preK next fall, so we are approaching the close of this school year with a little bit of bittersweet anticipation as well as a whole lotta thankfulness. We are so excited for the growth and good things to come, while also so, so grateful for everything his two teachers have done for him in the last two years that he’s been with them.

I didn’t realize what a youngin’ HD was when we first sent him (shortly after he turned three), but when I look at how much he has grown (physically and mentally) and learned in that time, I am floored. Preschool has been an amazing opportunity for him and I know that the quality and care of his teachers (not to mention everyone at the Y) has been essential to making it so awesome. This is why we want to mark the end of this year with a little bit of gratitude, and since it happens to be Teacher Appreciation Week (or at least the Great Google tells me so, so I’m going with it), HD will be taking these little gifts to Miss A. and Miss N. tomorrow morning:

Both teachers have been so sweet every time he brings them a gift, hand writing a personalized Thank You note to him, that we decided replenishing their Thank You supply might make for a good gift. It also helps that I know how much HD enjoys getting these notes from them (you would not even believe me if I told you how many times I’ve had to read them to him!), so I knew he’d be on board with the idea. He got to pick the two colors of cards for each teacher and signed his name on the card where I wrote a message to each teacher.

While he may not have the whole spatial thing down yet to get his whole name (darn eight letters long!) in the space left for him, he at least has some good problem solving skills. 😉

As both parents and educators, Ben and I are deeply invested in the role of school for our kids. We are so thrilled and thankful that Harrison’s first experiences have been so positive. For us this is not just a week of the calendar to check off or an obligatory gift; it really is all about appreciation and recognition for all the hard work HD’s teachers have done for our son.

Much Love to all teachers, past, present, and yet-to-be, this week!

Last year’s gift was fun, too!

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