Build Some Heat

You know, if I ever rename this blog (again), it will absolutely have to have the word “Tuesday” in the title. For seriously. Tuesdays and I just have this thing and it seems like all of my crazy best  crazybest stories come from this day of the week. Today is no exception.

Let me begin by explaining that even though it is mid-May, it’s chilly enough this week that we need our heater; this is after a lot of ups and downs and A/C and then the heater and then nothing, repeat, repeat, repeat in the last month-ish of NE Spring/Winter/please make up your mind, Dear Mother Nature weather.

Let me continue by explaining that our heater apparently decided to flip DMN the bird this week and is now on strike. Went to turn it on Sunday night and now it is Tuesday morning and the thing still hasn’t fired up or sent any heat our way. OKaaaaaaay. Now, should we ever decide to sell this house, I will kindly ask that you all strike this from your memories, but here’s the thing: we’ve had issues before. We’re likely to have issues again. Our house (and its heating and cooling system) are older and obviously have a lot of character. The charm and creaks are why we love the place (OK, not the creaks. I hate very much dislike trying to walk around ALL of the squeaky spots on the hardwood floors – that are beautiful, by the way! – when babies are napping). But really, I don’t even blame the furnace. I’m ready to flip DMN the bird here soon myself. I should not need SmartWools and fleece and boots in mid-May! And apparently Ben agrees because even though we have a service plan thingamajigger with a local service shop, he has yet to call about this latest lack of appropriately temperatured air. As a result, I’m having to be very creative today to keep the babies and myself warm until the sun (that is thankfully shining!) hopefully helps me in my efforts later in the day.

Creative Step One: SmartWools or fleecy footed pajamas for everyone. This is how we rolled all winter long, so why not continue now? P.S. Now that we are dressed, we’re rolling with the fleece (see first post-voting pic)

Creative Step Two: Bust out the blow dryer so I’m not sitting in the cold with damp hair post-shower (see, Dad?! I did listen to you all those times you told me not to go out with wet hair!), especially since I am fighting off a nasty little head cold right now, as well. Two observations about that: 1) my hair is post-wedding long again – whoohoo! (see other post-voting selfie) and 2) I showered today – WHOOHOOO!

Creative Step Three: Bake. And then bake and bake some more. I’ve already made a new muffin recipe, a batch of Tuesday Bars (natch, in light of the circumstances and the day), and have wheat rolls going in the bread maker. The crockpot is also working away at supper for tonight (update: sonofa! I thought it was working, but alas, it was plugged in but not turned on! so is my roast still safe to eat, even if it gets cooked in time for supper?) and the dishwasher has already been run – all in hopes of adding a little heat to the house.
Creative Step Four: Space Heaters. OK, that’s not really creative, but we’ve got two of them running and it’s almost up to 62 in here, so yea for that. Note to self about older house: two space heaters plus a blow dryer does not work.
Creative Step Five: Coffee and Tea. Clearly this one is just for me (Holy Mother of WOW, my children do not need caffeine!), but I plan to sip my way through the day in hopes of helping the chill and the head cold.

So there you have it. Just another Tuesday in the Welschie household. If you’re not afraid of my germs, feel free to come over for some baked goods. Don’t forget to bring your slippers and maybe a sweater, too.


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