Yo, Teach!

Well, that was awesome. This morning I got to teach my very first yoga class! My MOPS group had their annual closing meeting with a Spa Day as the agenda/activity and I was asked to lead a mini session of yoga as part of it. So thrilled, so honored, and so awesome to do it!

Now, of course I’m not actually a yoga instructor yet, but I have a feeling that I am going to love this new gig after I do my initial certification this summer. That’s right; I officially signed up a week ago and will leave right after the 4th of July (LT’s first birthday!) to get after it in Omaha.  Again – so thrilled, so honored, so awesome! And after this morning’s experience, I feel like my heart and my life are very much headed in the right direction. I have miles to go and much to learn, but I am beyond excited for the journey and the knowledge.

This morning I had a handful and a half of ladies join me for my little basic/intro 20-minute flow and it was so great. I had fun picking my favorite poses to show them, not to mention choosing the songs to accompany our movements; it will be a long time before I run out of asanas and music that I love to fill my classes, that’s for sure! I wrote out my flow by hand (and because it was my very first ever class, had to refer back to my notes several times as we went) and practiced it at home both on my own and with my hubs as my first student. Did I make mistakes in my flow or my wording? You bet (and please don’t judge my spelling or handwriting if you take a closer look at this picture!). But yoga is a practice and practice makes progress. What better approach to life could there be?

During both practice and the actual session with this flow today, I was so happy. I’ve been a teacher for, what – almost eight years now? But my heart sings when I teach yoga in ways that it hasn’t in other “classrooms.” I love sharing something I love with others and seeing their faces light up when they feel or get a pose. So, so cool. And I know how powerful and transformative yoga can be, so if I can be a voice for that to someone else? Thrilled, honored and awesome barely scratch the surface of how that feels.


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