We Begin Tomorrow

Holy mother of what a weekend. The last few days have been intense. On top of celebrating the Good Ol’ Red, White, and Blue, we have, of course, been celebrating our own Yankee Doodle baby as Lincoln turned one on Friday. With the exception of fighting naps (no surprises there), he had a wonderful day. There was a parade, a high chair worthy of The Oval Office, and, naturally, a cupcake. He might have been a wee bit tired and more sugarfied than ever before by the time we put him to bed, but I think he had a pretty fantastic day of One. I know the rest of the fam certainly enjoyed it!
But, yes. On top of Fourth of July activities and First of Lincoln activities (which also included family pics the day after his birthday to celebrate his first year and my parent’s 35th wedding anniversary), and trying to get ready to leave for Omaha, I’m rather surprised that my head didn’t just spin right off my shoulders this weekend. It’s probably a good thing I’m a good planner (for the most part – forgot my toothbrush, but thankfully that’s easily fixed) and so infatuated with yoga. Deep breaths have kept me relatively calm this weekend (at least on the outside – on the inside I’ve been mildly freaking out for at least the last 48 hours).
There’s just a ton swirling through my head right now. I’m trying to get used to the idea of being in Omaha for four weeks where I can see folks I rarely get to see (and let’s be honest – the fact that I’ll be staying within minutes of a Target is not exactly a bummer)…of being away from my kids for longer than ever before in one stretch…of pumping ALL. THE. TIME…of the taking on such a big challenge – mentally and physically – with the teacher training…
I’m also trying to wrap my head around the fact that my baby is both one now and trying to conquer the world these days. The kid is all over the place. Literally – he can get all over the house in super speedy fashion, even though he rarely bothers to get all the way up on his hands and knees to crawl. He’s also pulling himself up on every and all ledges, climbing up and on and over things, and is full on IN LOVE with stairs. If he hears the door to the upper or lower levels of our house open, he goes army crawling at top speed (which is saying something) and starts scooting up (or down) them. For the most part, Ben and I are there with him when he does this. Thankfully, if we are not, then his brother or sister usually are and another thankfully comes into play for them being the loudest little people I know because they always start hollering, “Linky stairs! Linky’s GOING ON THE STAIRS!” so that Daddy or Mama can come running for the assist. Now, mind you – I am running a constant campaign for these access doors to stay shut, but in a family of five where four people can operate doors but two of those people are under the age of five, that just doesn’t happen. But let’s not blame the children entirely – Ben and I forget plenty, too (how could we not with all the heads almost spinning off the shoulders that’s been happening lately?!). 
Of all the Lincoln accomplishments of late, I think my real Oh My of being gone, besides the What if? of continuing nursing is whether or not he will suddenly decide to start walking. He’s just recently begun cruising along the couch and kitchen bench, but he’s also doing all this crazy down dog/headstand business that makes me think he wants to be standing and soon. And once he gets that figured out, I don’t think it will be long before he starts walking running. Naturally I told Ben he needs to discourage all such behavior while I am away. I don’t want to miss it! But, since Linky’s achievements are far from being all about me, I will take it in stride (ha – pun not intended but it’s a good one) if he decides to get up and go.
As for my own first steps down the path of teaching yoga, I am most excited. The support and encouragement I have received from folks has been so great. I cannot wait to bring back all that I have learned and see what begins from here. Am I nervous and antsy in that way that can only be described as “first day of school” jitters? You bet. But I’ve always loved school, so hiphip for the start of what I explained to HD & RL today as “Yoga School.” Namaste.  


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