Feel the Love

It fees like it has been a lifetime since I last wrote. In some ways, that is exactly what it has been. Since arriving in Omaha Sunday, I’ve been on a heck of a ride and I’m already looking at this teacher training as a benchmark. The official start of my next chapter.
Let me begin by saying that being away from home is not easy. I miss my family. I miss holding my babies. I called Ben yesterday morning while HD was at Prairie Loft camp and Linky was napping and when he asked Raegan if she wanted to talk to Mama, I heard the joy and excitement and slight desperation in her voice as she came running, saying “YES!”, to grab the phone. The “Hi, Mama. I mish you.” almost made me dissolve in tears. But of course I know they are fine and are having lots of fun in my absence. And I know there are fabulous people in our village who are helping out while I’m away. To the friends who have offered rides or play dates, etc., Thank You. Thank You, Thank You, THANK You, from the bottom of my heart for loving on my family during this chaotic but exciting time. I owe you big time (and will totally repay your kindness with free yoga classes when I return!).
Another Thank You goes out to all those who have sent me messages of encouragement via facebook or text. I don’t have the Interwebs where I am staying, so when I do get a chance to hop online and see your messages, they are so awesome. And same goes for the texts. My heart smiles every time to hear that someone is thinking of me and wishing me well on this journey. Your love and support confirm that they joy I feel in my yoga practice is evident, especially when you return that joy and love to me in messages. Did I just go over a hippy dippy cliff with that line? Probably. You all knew it was coming, though, did you not? I was never terribly far from that edge to begin with, so why wouldn’t a month-long intensive yoga training get me all the way there in three days?!
But really, although I am sore and sweaty (and oh-so-very stinky), I am doing so well here. I am loving everything that comes my way (even though 8AM Power this morning almost made me pass out – twice). The vibe is great and the Oms are beautiful. While I may miss my home studio and all my Hastings folks, I know I get to bring back so so (ha – OITNB joke) much knowledge and good energy when I return. Although yoga is a solitary practice, the potential and opportunity for community and connection through it are huge. Because you are reading this, you are part of my community. Because of my community, I am able to venture out solo while also knowing I’m not alone. That is amazing. That is love. 


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