WhooHooo! Week One of “Yoga School” is in the books! Yay, me! Yay, my group! Yay, my awesome, awesome hubs and adorable kids. We all survived Week One.

The Me Part: I’ll be honest – I was nervous going into this whole month-immersion thing for the physicality of it as much as anything. I have a history with my back and a currently wonky left wrist, and while I am still feeling those things, I’ve been able to do pretty much everything that’s been thrown at me this week. Some kneeling planks? You bet. Some passes on chaturangas? Sometimes. Yoga is not about ego (or at least it is certainly not meant to be), so I do my best not to let mine get the best of me during a practice so pride doesn’t push me to do things that don’t serve my body. It’s hard when you are surrounded by other people who may be watching you, but that just circles back to the idea that your yoga practice is your own – it doesn’t matter who or what is going on around you. And while I’ve been more sore and sweaty (and stinky) this week than I have been in quite some time, I’m feeling good. My body is tired but accomplished feeling. My head is stuffed and inspired but not (totally) drained. All together, everything this week has shown me that I am exactly where I need to be at this point my life which is waaaaaay awesome.

The Group Part: Yogis are great. This I already knew. But this week has been especially cool. To get thrown in with a group of people who are all striving for the same goal but all come with their own stories? It’s so much fun. To have the stars align so that the only other SAHM mom becomes my assigned yoga buddy for the month (and she’s got four kids just like I hope to have some day and she writes, too?)? That’s just amazing. Of course in an experience such as this, there are the awkward getting-to-know-you moments, but when you’re me and you have to find time and space to pump during each lunch break which inevitably leads to one of those times/spaces being the front lobby of the studio as everyone is coming back from lunch, well, you bond quickly. Thank goodness this didn’t happen until Thursday. I mean, I’m sure everyone has noticed me digging in my shirts all week long (adjusting nursing pads, thanks), but to be sitting there strapped to a milking machine in semi-public? That’s a whole new level of closeness for me. To their credit, all who witnessed that took it in total stride and the folks at LHOY have been super supportive of my continued-breastfeeding goals. While I feel like I’m consuming calories like I’m preggers again to keep up with the pumping and the yogaing, and while the pump is not my favorite accessory these days, it’s going as well as can be. Mad props to the moms who pump when they go back to work and SUPER mad props to those mamas out there who pump exclusively because their babe never takes to the boob but they still want to give breastmilk. I bow down to you, because after five days of this racket, I was beyond thrilled to see, hold, and nurse Lincoln this afternoon.

The Hubs and Kids Part: Oh, man. I was soooo excited to get done at noon today so I could rush out the door and go see Ben and the Kiddlets. Sorry YTTs for not saying goodbye and happy weekend to any of you – I seriously just bolted as soon as I gathered my many, many bags from the hall. Although I was bummed to find out that Lincoln was napping when I got to the townhouse, I loved pulling in the drive and seeing HD’s and RL’s faces light up when they realized who had arrived. Such big hugs. Such delighted voices! And even though there was totally a break in the action for someone not five minutes after I walked in the door, the lovefest really did continue for much of the day. I pretty much had a kid on or near me the rest of the afternoon, minus the time that we took to go visit some friends. And Ben was so funny because while he handled the week home solo really well (I even had messages from friends this week who saw him at Prairie Loft Camp drop-off for HD and said he was smiling all the time), the whole getting-to-Omaha thing was a challenge. Not the actual travel portion – but the packing, for sure. He made me laugh because the first thing he said this morning when I called them was, “I seriously don’t know how you do it (pack). I’m in awe and you’re a total rock star.” Poor guy. He’s been spoiled, because in five years I’ve never made him pack for the whole family, so last night was clearly a bit of a rude awakening. But with our powers combined, we’re a totally kick ass team, which I think we both realize and appreciate even more now. Plus, look at what they brought to surprise me and remind me of home – flowers from our garden.

My heart is so happy to have my fam with me for a couple days. I’m beyond blessed that they are so supportive of this journey and I’m so proud that I’m already this far into it!


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