The Zoo, Zoo, Zoo.

The Zoo. Why do people go to the zoo? As far as my family’s first foray into Zoo Trips, I have only myself to blame. When I hatched this idea of YTT last spring and realized it was going to mean missing out on being with Harrison on his 5th birthday, I thought a first-ever family trip to Henry Dorley Zoo would be a great belated birthday celebration. Originally I did not know that I’d be able to buzz home last weekend for his party, so I wanted to do something special, and once we realized the party could happen as it did, it was too late to back out of said Zoo Trip (it’s been on HD’s calendar and mind for months). We also had it worked out so that it turned into an extended adventure with Ben’s parents and his sister’s family, which brought us to this morning and all three vehicles rolling all the way down to the zoo to get there before it opened at 9:00.
Although it was humid, it was only in the 70s and still cloudy when we arrived, but that of course quickly changed. The sun came out, the temperature climbed, and the humidity, well, “gross” (along with other choice words) comes to mind to describe it. And oh, yeah – the people. I don’t mind having access to all the fun things in Omaha, but I don’t know if I could ever adjust to all the people here. I also don’t know why I thought today would be a break from sweating my asana off, but oh, no. By the time we made our way down, around, back, around again, and UP (blast you hills of Omaha!) I was a-sweating-through-my-shirt-literal-hot-mess. It didn’t help that we were That Family with the fussing/crying infant who refused to nap in the stroller, the “carry me” toddler, and the non-stop-moving-wanting-to-see-everything-but-only-for-two-seconds five-yr-old. And because we split up for a bit from B’s family (not the brightest choice before heading back up the biggest hill), by the time we got to the Lied Jungle to have lunch, Ben was carrying Harrison and I was doing this:
Like the line of ab sweat on my shirt? Like how I’m pretending I have abs? Anyway, taking children to the zoo in NE at the end of July brings a whole new meaning to the phrase Hot Mama. Thank goodness we only had a half-day in mind before we began. Not even three weeks of intensive yoga could have made me zen or sane enough to survive a full one!  
All of this is not to say we had a terrible time. The kids (minus Lincoln) had a blast. However HD’s favoritest of favorites was totally the little water misters stationed around the zoo, which we totally could have done at the house with a lot less cost and lot less walking (hills!!!). Ah, well. All in the name of family bonding, eh?
Also, because I’m all about presenting both sides, I give you this…family picture take one (reality) and family picture take five or six (at least we’re all looking at the same camera, I think):
Until next time (which, in terms of when I might be brave enough to venture to the zoo again is probably in another five or six years)….Oof. 


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