DO NOT Take His Word For It!

Look at this sweet face. This is a beautiful, honest face. He is a beautiful, honest boy. But to ward off surreptitious glances at my tummy or any waistline watching, let me be the first to say, DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD THIS CHILD SAYS if he tells you another baby is coming into our house sometime soon!

As you know, we love us some PBS Kids in this house. Love! But I am totally throwing the blame for this sudden upswing of conversation about babies and tummies and new babies coming on Daniel Tiger. Apparently new episodes are coming soon and DT is getting a sib of his very own, and my kids are totally enthralled by the whole thing….so much so that they came running to tell Ben about it the first time a “Coming Soon” trailer ran after Curious George last week and today we had this whole long conversation about what we thought it would be (boy or girl) and what they would name it (Luke, btw, if it is a boy, and we didn’t get around to a girl’s name, although that’s my gender guess, for the record). Enthralled, I tell you!

At first I didn’t think much of it. Actually, I thought it sounded like a great storyline because hellluuu, siblings bring on all kinds of new emotions and shtuff for the characters to deal with which is great for the kids watching (i.e. mine). But then we were at the library this morning and I heard something along the lines of “And then there’s the baby in Mama’s tummy, too!” come out of HD’s mouth and made in reference to me, not Daniel Tiger’s (or anyone else’s for that matter) mom. Sorry, what?! No, sweet child. There’s no new baby yet. I guess this is what we get, though, for talking so openly about wanting another babe…a five-yr-old who is not only on board but who is ready for it to be True now.

You’ve got to love that he loves being a big brother so much that he’s ready to be one for the third time over, but, like I said, currently, it’s not pending. If my son tells you otherwise, feel free to nod and smile, but don’t put any stock in it. I promise, when we have news to share, we will do so!

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