Just shy of a year ago, I found myself at my 6-week appointment after Lincoln’s birth which ultimately became a breaking point for me. I was heavier post-baby than ever before and I freaked out. And then I freaked out because I did not want to be freaking out about such a thing, so I decided to get help. I got a recommendation for a therapist, started going, and started doing the work that led to some intense revelations and some serious growth. So while I initially joked to myself, Oh, great. My third kid drove me to therapy!, I now look at it as, Thank goodness. My third kid saved my sanity and has totally changed me and my life for the better. And there’s not a bit of exaggeration or hyperbole there. I really mean it. The little meltdown after Lincoln’s birth was the final straw – the turning point that finally led me to get the help I had been seeking and needing for years but had put off time and time again. It got me to therapy which got me to yoga which got me back to me. Rather than scoff or roll my eyes at the situation, I look at Lincoln with such love and such gratitude. For seriously. I have miles to go, but this kid totally saved me.

Of course there’s a lot more to 13 1/2 month-old Mr. Lincoln than just his role as Life Saver. He’s also 1000% rough and tumble kid. I mean, the babydude cannot get enough of crawling on pavement. Perhaps this is partially my fault since I made his dad promise not to work on the whole walking thing while I was off to Omaha last month, but seriously? Crawling on pavement?! Whyyyyyyy? He does it constantly. No matter how many times I pick him up and put him back on a blanket or in the grass, off he goes in search of the sidewalk or driveway. His poor knees. They can’t possibly feel good and they look terrible (super dirty and all rough and scratchy, too). But he never complains. In fact, he only squawks when I pick him up to move him away from it. Goofy boy.

The other part of the rough and tumble would be the literal tumbles he’s been taking, lately, too. I don’t know if you can see it so much in this photo, but currently LT is sporting at least two and possibly three bruises on his forehead, one one his cheek, and numerous ones on his legs (hello, concrete crawling!). He has also split his lip open the last two mornings in a row although on what/whom is anyone’s guess. Just all of the sudden, there will be this little spot of red on his mouth and he’ll be all mad and I’m all, Oh. This again. Of course there are also lots of incidents I do see, or at the very least, hear. Twice this morning Lincoln was within three-five feet of me when all of sudden, boom! I heard him thumping his way to the hardwood floor. Fortunately a few snuggles were all it took in on both occasions to fix things, but my poor boy. I think we need to find him a crash helmet and some elbow and knee pads immediately!

Even though Lincoln’s turning up all Crash and Bash these days, he’s also still such a little love. Ben recently started this routine of pulling him into his lap for hugs and now Linky will do it all on his own. Several times this morning I found him clinging and pulling up on me (which he does on everyone and everything these days, as he’s starting to get the itch to get his walkin’ legs a’going), but then the sweet surprise came each time that he then leaned in and wrapped his arms around my neck. I mean, really? My baby is giving me hugs? Does life get any better than that?

Clearly we are so blessed by LT. He’s a whirlwind and a total sweetheart, all rolled into one package. I am so grateful to be his Mama as so much joy, adventure, and growth surround him. Carry on, Babydude. The world is your (concrete) oyster.

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