This Little Light of Mine

Today I witnessed the most amazing occurrence with Miss Raegan Leigh. Perhaps you remember from way back when, when I wrote about her being shy. Granted, I still don’t use that word with her because I’m not willing to label her as such (feeling shy is one thing – being called shy all the time is another), but it is true that while she is the loudest little person I know at home, out and about she tends to be pretty quiet and fairly reserved. Some of you have witnessed both sides of this, I’m sure. She just has her moments where she opens up and others when she pulls back; as a full-fledged introvert, I can totally relate.

Take KoolAid Days last weekend, for instance. I was teaching yoga that morning, but Ben and his parents brought the kids down for the parade and then I met up with them after to go check out the games and festivities. Poor RL – she didn’t care for any of it, not one bit. Apparently she was feeling reserved from the very get-go because even when Gpa & Gma got there, she was already pretty quiet, and that only intensified at KAD; as in, she wouldn’t talk to anybody and didn’t want to do anything (although we did convince her to try on a new bike helmet and she was down with getting a treat from the ice cream truck, naturally). My FIL and I bailed on the whole event early (neither of us were crazy about the crowds either) and brought the two littlest Littles home and only then did Raegge open up and start talking again. But, like I said, I get it. Totally get it. Crowds freak me out. Being surrounded by people I don’t know and a whole lotta commotion? Not my favorite thing. I’m probably a lot more vocal in comfortable situations/surroundings, too, so I don’t blame Baby Girl one bit for pulling back when she’s out of her element.

All of this is to say, though, that my heart smiled big time today when we went to Family Yoga at avani. I was off from teaching it this week (but will be back – woot! woot! – for next weekend – the final week in this summer session) and was so excited to get to attend with my crew. Even though my back is far from me being back (ha – bad pun intended) on the mat, it was awesome to be there and be witness to the good vibes my kids get from being there, too. LT crawled around and over us the whole time like he owns the joint, HD gave me a kiss on the shoulder when Megan instructed us to think of something for which we are grateful, and RL? Well, she was the true delight to see today.

It speaks volumes to me, ‘cuz I’m not totally biased or anything, of the good energy avani brings, but thanks to this Family Yoga adventure during the last month and a half, I can see the joy and comfort my children are getting from yoga, just as I do. From the moment we arrived to the second they left (Mama had to stay for a meeting – FUN stuff to come this fall!!), Raegan was all smiles. She greeted Megan when we walked in the door, participated in all the moves and games, and she even hopped up without a bit of hesitation when M asked her to be her partner to demo the partner poses for this week. Honestly? I was shocked. I didn’t think she’d go for it, but Raegge totally ran up to the front mat, plopped down, and was all grins as they seesawed together. Coolest thing I’ve ever seen. It made me so happy to see the light and open heart of the girl I know so well shine in front of others, and in a public place, to boot. Ahhh, yoga. Wonders never cease.

(RL getting her yogs on, earlier this year, with Yoga Pretzels) 
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