1,000s of Words

Since the stories behind these images (taken the last few days) are lengthy, I’ll let them do most of the talking while I do a wee bit of the explaining…

HD climbed up to help me make my playlist for Family Yoga on 
Sunday; it’s safe to say he missed me last week! 

OMG! I finally got a sewing machine. I haven’t sewed much since my quilting days in college, and I have a big project that I’d like to complete for HD’s preK (more to come on that in a later post), so I am super stoked about this arrival. Except now I need, like, bobbins and thread and stuff, not to mention the brain cells required to operate the darn thing! 

OMG again, but for all the wrong reasons. Do you see those two purple spots on RL’s cheek? Yea, those are LT TEETH marks. I wasn’t in the room with them when this happened, so I can only guess what she might have done to provoke this, but Baby Dude is totally a biter which is totally not cool. 

For Pete’s Sake. There is no longer a single surface 
that is either safe or mine left in this house. 

The little buggers are still super cute, though. This is them with their 
“space gear” and friends, ready to get on their rocket ship 
(a.k.a the love seat) which has been entertaining them, 
blessedly, for a good half hour or so. 
One result of the desk top takeover….creative calendar dates. 
Actually, though, it sort of does feel like the 56th of August, 
so maybe this is just flat out brilliant instead of bothersome. 

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