Surrendering to the Beauty

As you may have noticed, I use my writing for many purposes. Sometimes I write to help me process. Sometimes to calm the flipdiddle down (which is another way of processing, I suppose) from whatever has been happening. Sometimes to entertain/make myself and others laugh. And sometimes to document….to take an experience and put it into words so I can come back to those words in order to come back to those thoughts and emotions.

Today is one for documenting. First, what a gorgeous day (Helluuuuuuu, Fall! I love you best of all!); we’ve been blessed all week with beautiful weather and even the rainy day on Friday was perfectly gentle and pleasant. The cool air and warm sun combo of yesterday and today? I might just be in heaven, it’s so good. The fam and I spent most of yesterday outside enjoying all the beauty with morning time at our beloved Prairie Loft and the afternoon at two parks, the second of which involved fishing and a little BBQ with friends. And, you might want to go buy a lottery ticket or something because you know this never happens, but we stayed out past the children’s bedtime just to enjoy a little bit more of the beauty of last night’s activity, friendship, and weather! Crazy, eh?! (for the record, though, the children did not sleep in this morning and are all a little red-eyed today, so we’ll be going back to our sleep stickler ways immediately).

And today? Today is awesome. Same glorious weather (with a wee bit more breeze to keep away the freaking mosquitos which happened to be the one downfall of yesterday) and so much happiness buzzing around in my head because I did it! I did my first week of yoga teaching! And I still managed to get on the mat, myself, for a couple classes, and finished a book (hit a huge reading slump in August – whoops) and had social time and started plans for this coming week’s classes. Hot dang!

Trust me, though, I am not bragging here. I am simply marveling at actually making all.the.things happen as I had hoped and desired. To use my brother’s word, my current schedule/lifestyle is “ambitious” and prior to September starting, it’s possible that I was both terribly excited and slightly freaked out by the thought of trying to make it all work. But I did it! At least for one week anyway, and I’m one where, if I do it once (hello, natural childbirth), I use that experience to tell myself I can do it again. You can take your pick on whether that is stubbornness or determination (or having Jansen blood – am I right?!). Granted, this coming week will be more of a stretch as I don’t get the week off from my CCC class and I have both of my extra classes at avani (Tuesday Flow 4:45 and Family Yogs at 3:30 Sunday), but it’s all good. Really and truly. Things are great.

Part of my exuberance today, and another motivation for documentation, would be the flow I taught this morning. The Sunday a.m. class was my baby, so to speak, and I am so, so glad it was given a chance on the schedule and that I get to teach it. Even better? The turn out and the class in general and the smiles throughout all of it! So, so awesome. Friendly and familiar faces and new ones, too, and altogether we had ourselves a nice little flow of it.

You’ve heard me say it before, but I’m just going to keep on giving gratitude, outward and inward, for this opportunity and all the good things comin’, comin’, comin’ (check out this song/video for that reference and the blog post title to make more sense):


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