Dragonfly Whizz By

Synchronicity is such a beautiful concept. I also love how it demonstrates that where the thoughts go, life goes, too. If you believe in the good, you will look for the good and you will see the good. And in my world, this week, the good took the shape of the dragonfly.

It started with Nahko and Medicine for the People. I heard two of their songs a lot this summer, in Omaha and at avani, and lately I’ve become obsessed. I wrote about “Black as Night” last week. This week it’s “Budding Trees.” I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve listened to both of these songs in the last five days. It’s a lot. And, if you have seven minutes, you should watch this video because it’s pretty much the cutest thing I’ve ever seen (and I totally wish I was in it!):

On the umpteenth time I listened to “Budding Trees” I picked up on the line, “Dragonfly whizz by and sings, ‘Now teach it.'” and I was inspired. On our very first day of YTT, one of our teachers said to us, “You have everything you need, right now, inside you, to teach yoga.” We all looked at each other like, “Ummmmmm….okaaaaaaaaay.” but now I see what she meant. To be part of this beautiful yoga journey, all you need to pursue a dream and a passion is the dream and the passion. If you carry those items in your heart, others will notice and they will want to learn more. Again, it comes back to the notion that what you look for you, you get. It’s so amazingly true.

Ever since, over the last few days, I’ve had these little images of dragonflies zooming about, whispering and encouraging me to teach it. Just teach it. Don’t stress it and don’t try to perfect it. Just take what is inside and share it with others. It is that simple (and that complex). And now that lithe little insect is my new yoga teacher mascot, so of course today, I had two different “sightings” of one.

The first was when my newest issue of Yoga Journal arrived. This issue is a beyond-spot-on-perfect gift from the Universe to me because it is all about body image and acceptance and since I’m currently on my own journey with such, it’s amazing to have all these articles and resources placed in my hands. One of these particular articles features an interview with Kathryn Budig (she’s amazing) and a workout in which she teaches you the steps/poses to get you to Firefly pose. OK, so that’s not a Dragonfly, but it is a crazy/beautiful arm balance pose (Dragonfly Pose exists, too, and it’s just as wild). Although arm balances scare the bejeebies out of me, I drew inspiration from it. My plan is to take my body-image-loving guru, KB, and use her example to help make some personal goals, including a goal of accepting myself and another of a new, challenging pose.

Will I pick Firefly or Dragonfly? Haven’t decided yet, but seeing as the dragonfly showed up again for me this afternoon, that’s probably it. I couldn’t even tell you the last time I literally saw a dragonfly (this warrants a Duh because I wasn’t looking for them!), but sure enough, while visiting with a dear friend this afternoon on my sun porch, I totally spied one hovering around outside the window. How perfect is that?!

The other perfect alignment here is that just a day or two ago, I told this same friend, I know what I want for my next tattoo – a dragonfly! because I see it as a representation of my yoga teaching. And now that I have a goal pose to work at, once I get there, not only will I have the asana, I will also be getting that tattoo. And if it takes me six months to a year or more? Well, that’s OK because I have a stinkin’ root canal to pay for before I can afford any more ink! Oof.


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