The Hodge-Podge Days of Fall

Huh. With all the writing I’ve been doing the last few months, I’m rather surprised that it has been an entire week and I haven’t added anything to the blog. Perhaps the weather’s been too nice and we’ve been too busy doing and being outside. Or perhaps I’ve been swamped with teaching and by the time I get home at night, I’m crashed out. Or perhaps having the kids go, in shifts, to visit the grandparents meant I had to make the most of the 24 solo hours I had, starting yesterday morning, to get a c.r.a.p.ton of stuff done around the house (i.e. clean the store room) while also taking a little time for myself (i.e. epsom salt + essential oils bath!) before, again, jetting off to teach the yogs. Or perhaps when you throw all of the above into one week, you come up short with time to blog. Whatever the reason, here’s our week-in-review a.k.a. hodge-podge-picture-blog:

The weather has been gorgeous. Clear and sunny skies but with bits of bite in the air most mornings. Some wind (duh. this is NE we’re talking about!), yes, but mostly just awesomeness. The kids and I have been getting out in the afternoons and having fun. We’ve also been practicing for Halloween:

 RL found this old costume that is probably closer to LT’s size than hers, but she got it on and decided to have some Dragon Fun stomping in the leaves…
 …and chasing her big brother though the neighbor’s yard.
Silly monkey! I mean, Silly Dragon! 

Because of the nip in the air, we’ve had to add more layers lately (love Fall layers!) which totally works, except I did this to poor Linky the other day. Why must buttons be so hard to align when fastening them together?! Perhaps I can blame his wiggles and constant on-the-move moves?

The cooler weather also means we have to be sure to be in shoes all the time which totally works, too, but some days we have to get pretty creative with our footwear. For example, on Wednesday, I followed HD’s lead (he wears this combo of shoes to school more days than not anymore) and just went with the first two shoes I could find so we could go out and enjoy the sunshine. They’re both TOMS, so that counts for something right?!

Speaking of creative dressing and TOMS, check out Miss Raegan’s style from the last couple weeks. She loves wearing her polka dot pink rain boots with pretty much anything, and the other day she was just as excited as I was about getting out my TOMS wedges (again, I say, “YAY, Fall!”). I will never tire of Baby Girl’s fashion sense. Well, I guess I can’t speak to what the teenage years will bring, but right now, I’m totally loving it. Every single crazy combo is the best.

In other news, Lincoln is a Walking Man! Well, he’s got the wobbly sea legs/drunken toddler thing going, anyway, and he pops up anywhere and whenever he likes now to take his shaky steps.

It’s adorable and awesome. Except when it is not. The poor kid crashes all the time and it seems like at least once a day, one of those crashes involves also hitting his head on something on the way down, like the kitchen bench last Wednesday which lead to this round of tears:

Poor baby. Seriously considering a foam crash helmet of sorts because otherwise he’s going to be a bruised mess for who knows how long.

Besides all the playing and walking (and crashing), I’ve been a busy mama, running out the door to teach one (sometimes two!) yoga class(es) a night. This last week saw me teaching Tuesday-Friday straight (with Monday at the college, of course) and next week will be even more of an adventure as I’m starting a two-week subbing gig at the Y for their 5:45 a.m. class. 5:45 A.M.?! Oof. Well, at least I’ll feel nice and limber for the T/Th that follow those classes (and I’ll have some extra cash for buying coffee on the way home!). And at least I got a little break yesterday to sort through all the kid clothes that have been piling up in my store room so I feel slightly less scattered and cluttered going into two weeks of chaos fullness. Can I just say, though? How did my babies get so big? All those clothes I was putting in bins yesterday? They seemed both so tiny and also like it was impossible for all of the kids to have outgrown them already. Goodness me, I sound like I’m 85, but how do they grow so fast?!

And speaking of growing…my other plans of late are revolving around finishing starting RL’s Year Three Shuttefly book and getting ready for her Frozen bday party. Here’s what I found the other day as her present/to wear on her party day:

 And yes, it’s entirely possible I bought these for her because they are totally in line with my own crazy-yoga-pant obsession. Hope she likes them!


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