I have a thing for lamps. You can ask my hubs or my family and they will tell you – the funkier the lamp, the more I am likely to like it. Part of my collection is a small bedside lamp that I’ve had since high school or before and I adore it. It’s so old that it actually feels like it is made of something (heavy) and if I knew anything about metals, I would insert that detail here. Since I don’t, I’ll continue by explaining that while this isn’t my funkiest of the funky lamps, it is still one of my favorites (even though the shade is totally busted and also a wee bit burnt in one spot, but that is another story altogether). Imagine my surprise the other night, then, when I went to turn on this very familiar lamp before bed and couldn’t find the knob that is, you know, the essence of a light being able to do its job. After groaping (is that not a word? my computer claims it is not) [update: groping!] around for far longer than I should have to on a lamp I’ve had for 15+ years, I stuck my head down to peer under the shade and saw this:

No knob! (and yes, I really want to paint this room something other than 
the purple it was when we moved in – almost three years ago!)
While I had no idea where the darn thing was, I knew right away who my culprit(s) was (were). The children have taken, lately, to playing around on my bed in the mornings, messing with the alarm clock radio that sits on my headboard shelves (which, no, still does not explain my early morning mess up last week), as does this lamp. I did the cursory scan of the shelves and under pillows and blankets and the bed itself, but no knob. Then I noticed this: 
A small wicker basket from my Africa travels that does not normally reside 
upside down. Intrigued, I flipped it over and whaddya know – the knob! 

Thankfully, this is an easy fix for my funky lamp. You simply hold the knob in its spot, twist, and viola! Good as new. But seriously, children? This is what you decided to do when you broke Mama’s lap?! I can only imagine what kind of shenanigans they’ll be getting into in the ages and stages to come…I can only hope that their antics continue to make me laugh as much as this one did!

P.S. And no, I’m not currently reading The Kite Runner. I’m already light years behind on reading it, but it’s on my list and my bedside table, so I’ll get there someday. I am keeping track again this year, though, and will post titles read in December. I’m up to 40ish, so far, I think!


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