Quiet Balance

Huh. Darn near two week in to November, and this is only my second post for the month. That’s actually not that far off my norm – historically I manage 1.5 posts per week – but compared to the major upswing of posts in July, August, and October, one a week seems small. Quiet.

There are several reasons for this.

One reason would be no yoga trainings. If you look at the three months of this year with the highest number of posts, they all correlate to my various classes and workshops. And not that there is anything wrong with the trainings, but they certainly give my brain a lot of information and emotion to sort through, which is what writing always does for me. Without one of those in the last six weeks, I’ve had time to settle in and continue to get my feet wet with this whole yoga teaching gig. Less to process – more to do. But fear not – prenatal module No.2 is coming in early December, so I’m sure that will spark another flurry of posts!

The settling in and feet wetting, though, are more reasons for quietude on the blog. I’ve been teaching a LOT in the last month, taking on some extra subbing duties both at the studio and the Y and honestly, between all of that and my CCC teaching and managing/loving on my sweet family, there’s been little time for anything else. My own practice has been pushed to the back burner a bit by of all of the goings on, too, and what I’ve come to realize now that the schedule itself is quieting down is that I have to better protect my own time. I believe that any teacher, in any subject matter, has to continue their own education in order to remain effective, but in yoga that is more true than any other area in which I’ve ever studied. If I don’t continue to show up on my mat to do the work, I won’t be able to help others do the same. I’ve had glimmers of this earlier in the year, but now I know for certain that I have to take in all that’s going on in my house and my family and my three part-time jobs and still make time for me, and it needs to be on the mat. Beyond writing, it’s the other place I process best.

As for the other reason for less posting? I think the last few weeks have just been a fairly introspective time for me, and while it may seem to some that I lay it all out on the blog (which is a fair assessment since not much isn’t up for discussion here), there are times when my introverted nature takes over and my words stay wrapped up in my head. Again, this is not something I view as a negative or as a criticism of myself. It just is what it is. I love the times when I feel the pull, the need, to post a lot. I’m also quite fond of the days and weeks when my mind isn’t narrating stories day in and day out. I like to think that having these moments of contrast means I have a fair amount of balance, crazy/full as life may seem these days. And for a busy mama who spends her days and weeks spinning countless plates, I cannot think of anything that sounds better than staying balanced.


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