Whooooooooa, I’m on Fwire

Since the Great Google seems to have all the answers, I have to admit, I’m a bit baffled that it didn’t come through for me just now when I tried to look up a commercial I remember as a kid that had a young child saying, “My fwoat’s on fwire!” Not that I really think the Internet should have such random and useless information, but since a girl can usually find answers to even the most obscure questions, it was strange to run into a wall with this one. Can anyone help me out? Do you remember it, too??

Either way, “My fwoat’s on fwire!” is what popped into my brain this morning when I woke up well before my alarm with a seriously scratchy and painful throat. And from the moment I realized what was hurting and what that might mean for getting through the week to come, my mind was racing. And in case you’re curious as to what a common thread looks like when I’m trying to will myself back to sleep but my mind is spinning circles, here is a sample of this morning’s “playlist”: Sleep! I need to sleep! Right now! I am going to be so tired when the kids get get up. Sleep! If I don’t feel too bad in the morning, while HD is at school, I need to do the crap ton of dishes I left on the counter and in the sink this weekend. What will the littlest kids do while I do that? I should have done the dishes last night before we watched Downton Abbey. I wonder what Mary will do? Sleep! Sick?! I can’t get sick! Who will cover my classes? How will I function with the kids? What if this is the start of Influenza?!?! NO!!!!!! SLEEP!  (no joke – DA was totally part of it!)

If you can’t tell, I’m a little freaked out right now about illness. After nursing sick/feverish kids all of last week (HD the first three days of the week, RL the last two), I feel like I’ve been waiting for the other three shoes (i.e. Lincoln, Ben, and myself) to drop all weekend long. How could we not get it, right? Especially me since the brunt of the nose wiping and “cover your cough!”s were my job last week? Because you know you only tell a kid to cover a cough when they’ve just coughed directly in your face, right? Also, when you add illness to the house where I’m already in charge of covering so many diaper changes and bathroom assists, it is a damn miracle that my hands haven’t fallen off due to excessive hand washing. Thank goodness it has been warmer the last few days, otherwise, my poor skin would be a dry and cracked mess. However excessive hand washing is my only real defense against this crud, so I’ve been doing it for a week straight, but obviously I missed some germ bugs based on my fwirey fwoat this morning.

The good news is, it has not gotten any worse and no other symptoms have popped up yet throughout the day. And yes, I did get the crap ton of dishes done, to boot, this morning, so now I’m going to do my best to catch a quick nap while the littlest littles are still down (which, by the way, my dear hubs totally jinxed this weekend when he told friends, “Yep, we’ve gone a lot longer with naps for Raegan [side note: that’s true – like a freaking year past the age where HD gave them up], but I suppose at some point here she’ll give up her nap.” And sure enough, yesterday she got up and wandered around the upper level of the house to the point of waking up LT and today was crying when I left her in her bed, wailing, “I don’t want to nap! I don’t want to nap!” Husband owes me coffee for this. LOTS of coffee.)


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